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H Friend Black Devil Disco Club

Black Devil Disco Club Remastered Reissues

Three Black Devil Disco Club LPs Reissued   All three LPs—1978’s revered debut Disco Club and two library records, 1975’s Suspense and Cosmos 2043 from 1977—have been remastered by Fèvre from his original tapes. The French musician says this’ll be the first time Disco Club has been reissued in “its original, complete sequence.” “The idea […]

New Sync Placement | John Fairhurst, 'Tomorrow' Film, PlutonicGroupSyncs

New Sync Placement: ‘Light My Way’

New Sync Placement: Keep your ears wide open and eyes peeled for the film “Tomorrow” directed by Martha Pinson and produced by no less than Martin Scorsese, premiering this May at The Cannes Film Festival 2015. “Tomorrow” stars Stephen Fry, Joss Stone and Sophie Kennedy Clark and will include a cameo by John Fairhurst performing one of his […]

Darkside Of The Sun | Big Jim Wheeler | Sync Placement in Greater Film

SYNC PLACEMENT: ‘Darkside of the Sun’

Our latest sync placement ‘Darkside Of The Sun’ by Big Jim Wheeler for the film project, ‘Greater’. To see how we can help with your next project, please email us at                           The Story Behind ‘Greater – The Brandon Burlsworth Story': Brandon […]

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Stephen Beanz Rudden, PlutonicGroupSyncs

Stephen Beanz Rudden

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Bunny Rudden

Bunny Rudden

Office Manager

Pam Lewis-Rudden | Creative Sync Agent | PlutonicGroupSyncs

Pam Lewis-Rudden

Creative Sync | Licensing Agent | Lover of Twinkies

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PlutonicGroupSyncs global music licensing partners range from European and UK-based indie labels, well-known and emerging artists, songwriters and producers to major publishing houses worldwide.

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Music Licensing Tips | PlutonicGroupSyncs

Music Licensing Tips : Rob Schustack, Junto Sounds

Music Licensing Tips In this video recap, licensing expert Rob Schustack, Senior Producer / Music Supervisor at Junto Sounds shares his insight about music placement. Learn many valuable music licensing tips on how to get your tracks placed in television, film, advertisements, and video games. Licensing your music is one of the fastest growing opportunities for artists […]

YouTube | Revenue

5 Not-So-Obvious Revenue Tips For Musicians (UPDATED)

You’ve probably seen many lists outlining revenue opportunities. Here’s a little twist on not just learning what they are, but also how to utilize them. We present: 5 Not-So-Obvious Revenue Tips For Musicians MASTER/SYNC LICENSES By far, this should be the most important part of your music business plan now. In other words, this is where […]

Writing Songs for Film & TV | PlutonicGroupSyncs

Writing Songs for Film & TV | PlutonicGroupSyncs

In writing songs for Film & TV, you don’t need to be a famous, successful recording artist – just write songs that will work. You can do it! Writing Songs for Film & TV: Thousands of songs are used in TV shows, films, and commercials each year. For every song that’s placed, many are auditioned – […]