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Casper | Russian Red | PlutonicGroupSyncs

Russian Red

Russian Red Spanish indie chanteuse Russian Red released her new album Agent Cooper on February 25th in the U.S. featuring the single “Casper,” the LP is a beautiful display of indie pop at its finest, capturing your ears from the opening note. The track, released in 28 territories including the UK, Sweden, Australia and Japan, Agent Cooper is set to launch Russian Red into […]

Casper – Russian Red

Cigarettes – Russian Red

I Hate You But I Love You – Russian Red

Doug MacGowan | PlutonicGroupSyncs

Doug MacGowan

Acoustic and slide guitar virtuoso, Doug MacGowan, has been described in the press as “a major new acoustic guitar talent’, “a phenomenally expressive and passionate player” and “quite simply; one of the most gifted, atmospheric, sensitive and technically elite slide and fingerstyle guitarists around”. His music draws together an eclectic range of influences; British and […]

A Slight Remove | Doug MacGowan

I Was Young When I Left Home – Doug MacGowan

Walking Boss | Doug MacGowan

We Are Standard | PlutonicGroupSyncs

We Are Standard

We Are Standard combine an angular indie rock sound that nodded to bands like the Sunshine Underground with a gritty, alternative dance sound similar to indie electronic acts like tHe pEneLOpe[s]. It’s no wonder they have somehow managed to fuse an array of ideas and influences into a genre-transgressing mix that mirrors numerous bands and artists both […]

7 45 Bring Me Back Home | We Are Standard

Something Bigger | We Are Standard

Tres We Are Standard

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Pam Lewis-Rudden

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PlutonicGroupSyncs current licensing partnerships range from European and UK-based indie labels, well-known and emerging artists, songwriters and producers to major publishing houses worldwide.

Music Licensing Partners | PlutonicGroupSyncs

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Music On TV | PlutonicGroupSyncs

Music On TV – Experimental soundtracks and lavish orchestras

The ambitious scores of Game of Thrones, Utopia and new US drama The Knick are bringing a new dimension to music on TV Written by Phelim O’Neill | Have you heard how good TV is these days? By that I don’t mean the quality of the writing or the acting – I mean have you actually listened […]

Musicians Revenue Streams | PlutonicGroupSyncs

6 Musician Revenue Streams You’re Probably Forgetting About

Musician Revenue Streams | Being a musician in today’s music industry not only requires musical talent, but it also requires you to become a quick-thinking, creative mastermind in order to generate the most revenue from your music. Written by Janette Berrios | Symphonic Distribution Blog A version of this article originally appeared on the Symphonic Distribution blog. There are […]