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Doug MacGowan | PlutonicGroupSyncs

Doug MacGowan

Acoustic and slide guitar virtuoso, Doug MacGowan, has been described in the press as “a major new acoustic guitar talent’, “a phenomenally expressive and passionate player” and “quite simply; one of the most gifted, atmospheric, sensitive and technically elite slide and fingerstyle guitarists around”. His music draws together an eclectic range of influences; British and […]

A Slight Remove | Doug MacGowan

I Was Young When I Left Home – Doug MacGowan

Walking Boss | Doug MacGowan

We Are Standard | PlutonicGroupSyncs

We Are Standard

We Are Standard combine an angular indie rock sound that nodded to bands like the Sunshine Underground with a gritty, alternative dance sound similar to indie electronic acts like tHe pEneLOpe[s]. It’s no wonder they have somehow managed to fuse an array of ideas and influences into a genre-transgressing mix that mirrors numerous bands and artists both […]

7 45 Bring Me Back Home | We Are Standard

Something Bigger | We Are Standard

Tres We Are Standard

david philips

David Philips

David Philips third album “December Wine (4 Track Tapes.)” was recorded entirely on an old 4 Track cassette machine and started out as a set of demos of new songs written during travels and short bursts at his Barcelona home studio during 2012. A slightly more folky and experimental sound emerged yet still strongly based in […]

A Sailor’s Song | David Philips

All Is Lost | David Philips

What Am I | David Philips

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Stephen Beanz Rudden, PlutonicGroupSyncs

Stephen Beanz Rudden

Music Producer | Songwriter | Brewmeister

Bunny Rudden

Bunny Rudden

Office Manager

Pam Lewis-Rudden | PlutonicGroupSyncs

Pam Lewis-Rudden

Creative Sync | Licensing Agent | Lover of Twinkies

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| PlutonicGroupSyncs current and future licensing partnerships range from European and UK-based indie labels, well-known and emerging artists, songwriters and producers to major publishing houses worldwide .




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Music Culture | PlutonicGroupSyncs

MUSIC CULTURE | Don’t Borrow It. Nurture It.

Music Culture | Brands have always rented cool from the music world. It’s time they started building it. Written By Alex Reeves Music Culture | The relationship brands and their agencies have with music is usually simple: find the perfect song to set off a commercial and get a licence for it. That’s the bread-and-butter of Chris […]

True Blood | Music Supervisor Gary Calamar

Music Supervisor Gary Calamar: ‘True Blood’ Is A Dream Show

True Blood‘ Music Supervisor Gary Calamar On Why The Vampire Soap Is ‘A Dream Show’   Written by Kim Bellware | Huffington Post As fans prepare to bid farewell to Sookie, Eric, Bill, and Arlene when “True Blood” ends on August 24, one thing watchers will miss most of all about HBO’s vampire soap is the […]