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We Are Standard

We Are Standard combine an angular indie rock sound that nodded to bands like the Sunshine Underground with a gritty, alternative dance sound similar to indie electronic acts like tHe pEneLOpe[s]. It’s no wonder they have somehow managed to fuse an array of ideas and influences into a genre-transgressing mix that mirrors numerous bands and artists both […]

7 45 Bring Me Back Home | We Are Standard

Something Bigger | We Are Standard

Tres We Are Standard

david philips

David Philips

David Philips third album “December Wine (4 Track Tapes.)” was recorded entirely on an old 4 Track cassette machine and started out as a set of demos of new songs written during travels and short bursts at his Barcelona home studio during 2012. A slightly more folky and experimental sound emerged yet still strongly based in […]

A Sailor’s Song | David Philips

All Is Lost | David Philips

What Am I | David Philips


København Store

There is a thread running through the continent, from the north of Europe to the north of Italy. A long, long thread, made of chilly melodies, bedroom post-rock and lo-fi electronica. A thread spun by KøbenhavnStore, one of Italian indie’s best-kept secrets. Fresh & youthful, aggressive electro/pop with driving guitar hooks, male vocals, distorted bass, retro synths […]

A Real Twilight |KøbenhavnStore

Garden V3 | KøbenhavnStore

We Came From Down North | KøbenhavnStore

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Pam Lewis-Rudden

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| PlutonicGroupSyncs current and future licensing partnerships range from European and UK-based indie labels, well-known and emerging artists, songwriters and producers to major publishing houses worldwide .




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Ad Agencies - Music

Striking a chord with Ad Agencies: Fortunes for Musicians

More commercials are featuring original compositions, helping boost the fortunes of L.A. musicians who can write catchy jingles Written by: Colin Stutz | L.A. Times   Commercial-music licensing is a booming business, as advertisers, filmmakers, TV producers and others use pop songs to gloss their products. Ad spots include Texas blues star Gary Clark Jr.‘s soulful […]

Sir John Hegarty Music In Advertising

Great Minds On Music: Sir John Hegarty On Music In Advertising

Great Minds On Music: An Interview With Sir John Hegarty On Music In Advertising  …truth is one of the most powerful forces in communication. Great musicians find a truth, they tap into a feeling that resonates, that you believe in. – Sir John Hegarty Music in Advertising: For more than six decades, Sir John Hegarty has been at the forefront of […]

Madison Avenue | Rolling Stones, 'Start Me Up'

Madison Avenue’s New Song: Get Tunes Out Of Ads

Will Madison Avenue heed MediaVest’s advice and stop inserting music into old-school commercials? Is this the beginning of the end of music placement and the start of finding new ways to transmit music to the audiences advertisers hope will buy their products.   Written by Brian Steinberg, Senior TV Editor | Variety   In 1995, Microsoft paid […]