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MTV Teen Wolf | Wurk Insoxx | Plutonic Group Syncs

Sync Placement: Wurk Insoxx on MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’

NEW SYNC PLACEMENT MTV’s Teen Wolf , S05 x 7 : ‘Pleasure’ by Wurk Insoxx Teen Wolf: The Plot – Season 5 On the eve of their senior year, Scott McCall and his friends find themselves facing the possibility of a future without one another, a next phase of their lives that might take them in different […]


L.A. Slasher | Plutonic Group Syncs

Sync Placements: L.A. Slasher [Feature Film]

L.A. SLASHER New Sync Placement: From the moment the film opens it takes you through an MDMA induced nightmare, powered by the pulsating sounds of electronic music; helped by the excellent 1980’s soundtrack featuring two of our tracks, ABC’s “Look of Love”, Go West’s “King of Wishful Thinking”, both from our Legacy Catalogue. Although this film […]

King of Wishful Thinking – Go West

Look of Love by ABC

New Sync Placement | John Fairhurst, 'Tomorrow' Film, PlutonicGroupSyncs

New Sync Placement: ‘Light My Way’

NEW SYNC PLACEMENT: John Fairhurst New Sync Placement: Keep your ears wide open and eyes peeled for the film “Tomorrow” directed by Martha Pinson and produced by no less than Martin Scorsese, which premiered  at The Cannes Film Festival. “Tomorrow” stars Stephen Fry, Joss Stone and Sophie Kennedy Clark and will include a cameo by John Fairhurst performing one […]

Light My Way | John Fairhurst

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Plutonic Group Syncs | Yeti Lane | New Album, L'Aurore

Yeti Lane :: Parisian Psych Duo New Album Release “L’Aurore”

Parisian psych duo Yeti Lane release their third album, ‘L’Aurore’, via Sonic Cathedral and Clapping Music on March 4. Four years after the fantastic The Echo Show, the duo Yeti Lane will offer us their third space-time travel of 8 new titles that perfectly balances their love of analogue electronics with huge waves of guitar. This […]

Nurvel Durd - Benbo - BBC 3

Nurvel Durd: New Release by ‘Benbo’ Is Officially Out

NURVEL DURD IS OFFICIALLY OUT London multi-instrumentalist & producer Benbo dropped the Nurvel Durd video as a Christmas surprise – and now it’s got a full release on PINK LIZARD! Featuring a live human man falling through a hedge into an animated world, the Nurvel Durd video – already hailed as ‘amazingly surreal’ by The […]

16 Bands Watch 2016 | Plutonic Group Syncs

16 Already Heard Bands To Watch in 2016

Plutonic Groups Bands To Watch 2016 Now that the best-of lists have been written, published, and read, let’s forget 2015, shall we? Well, here’s a little something to cleanse your pop palate! We have compiled a list of 16 artists expected to make waves in 2016 – our Bands To Watch playlist. The aim isn’t […]