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We Are Standard

We Are Standard combine an angular indie rock sound that nodded to bands like the Sunshine Underground with a gritty, alternative dance sound similar to indie electronic acts like tHe pEneLOpe[s]. It’s no wonder they have somehow managed to fuse an array of ideas and influences into a genre-transgressing mix that mirrors numerous bands and artists both […]

7 45 Bring Me Back Home | We Are Standard

Something Bigger | We Are Standard

Tres We Are Standard

david philips

David Philips

David Philips third album “December Wine (4 Track Tapes.)” was recorded entirely on an old 4 Track cassette machine and started out as a set of demos of new songs written during travels and short bursts at his Barcelona home studio during 2012. A slightly more folky and experimental sound emerged yet still strongly based in […]

A Sailor’s Song | David Philips

All Is Lost | David Philips

What Am I | David Philips


København Store

There is a thread running through the continent, from the north of Europe to the north of Italy. A long, long thread, made of chilly melodies, bedroom post-rock and lo-fi electronica. A thread spun by KøbenhavnStore, one of Italian indie’s best-kept secrets. Fresh & youthful, aggressive electro/pop with driving guitar hooks, male vocals, distorted bass, retro synths […]

A Real Twilight |KøbenhavnStore

Garden V3 | KøbenhavnStore

We Came From Down North | KøbenhavnStore

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Bunny Rudden

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Pam Lewis-Rudden

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| PlutonicGroupSyncs current and future licensing partnerships range from European and UK-based indie labels, well-known and emerging artists, songwriters and producers to major publishing houses worldwide .




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Ad Agencies - Music

Striking a chord with Ad Agencies: Fortunes for Musicians

More commercials are featuring original compositions, helping boost the fortunes of L.A. musicians who can write catchy jingles Written by: Colin Stutz | L.A. Times   Commercial-music licensing is a booming business, as advertisers, filmmakers, TV producers and others use pop songs to gloss their products. Ad spots include Texas blues star Gary Clark Jr.‘s soulful […]

Sir John Hegarty Music In Advertising

Great Minds On Music: Sir John Hegarty On Music In Advertising

Great Minds On Music: An Interview With Sir John Hegarty On Music In Advertising  …truth is one of the most powerful forces in communication. Great musicians find a truth, they tap into a feeling that resonates, that you believe in. – Sir John Hegarty Music in Advertising: For more than six decades, Sir John Hegarty has been at the forefront of […]