13 Things Indie Musicians Are Sick of Hearing at the Holiday Dinner Table

The career choice of indie musicians inevitably evokes the annual, mystified, “head scratch and question” routine at the dinner table year after year…

13 Things Indie Musicians Hate

This post is a little serious tongue in cheek. take it for what it’s worth.

Seeing as though we are embarking on the holiday season, which for most, means also entering into a barrage of holiday dinners surrounded by family and friends that we may not see on a regular basis…I always find it a bit interesting, how my seemingly mundane life and career choices somehow make their way into the centre of the conversation.

Even though I have been posing as a full-time, clock watching punching, retirement collecting, society contributing state worker for at least the last 5 years now, my first career choice as an indie musician inevitably seems to evoke the annual, mystified, “head scratch and question” routine at the dinner table, regardless of the fact that i’ve been performing for over 10 years.

So, this year, I thought it appropriate to come up with a little list of 13 things that indie musicians are sick of hearing at the holiday dinner table. I’m sure I’ve missed some, but this is your PSA for the day, it’s meant to be funny if not a little serious. take it how you will…

1. so, are you still doing that music thing?School of Rock | Indie Musicians

2. when are we going to hear you on the radio?

3. hey my neighbor’s kid plays guitar, i think. seriously he’s really good. you should have him play with you.

4. sing something.

5. did you hear the nelson’s daughter is getting married this summer? maybe you could play at her wedding. i think they’re on a tight budget so that could just be your gift. btw, do you think you’ll ever tie the knot? are you seeing anyone? (and the list goes on and on)

6. so, what else do you do for work?  I mean, like, during the day.

7. have you tried out for the voice yet?

8. did you hear that cousin jason is going to be having a baby? when are you gonna get on that?

9. well, we should probably put the family reunion on the calendar now because jessica always has her music stuff on the weekends.

Katy Perry - Indie Musicians10. have you heard that new katy perry song? why don’t you sing more katy perry?

11. hey, when you open for someone big you should tell me and i’ll come see ya.

12. can you put me on the list?

13. your life always seems so interesting and fun. i wish i had fewer responsibilities.