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BPMG : Sync Sampler : Plutonic Group SyncsPlutonic Group Syncs is proud to announce our recent music licensing partnership with Big Picture Music Group (BPMG) – a music recording and artist management label based in Sydney, Australia. The label was founded in 2014 with the distinct vision to discover and support the next generation of Australian artists on their journeys to become professional musicians with global recognition.

BPMG are bringing their experience and vision to the global music community with their current roster while supporting the continual growth of artists who are creating the sounds of tomorrow.

Allow us to introduce you to the BPMG Roster:


Kyoto Skies : BPMG Music Licensing PartnersRiding high on the addition of two new members, a stunning visual overhaul and a slight shift in their sonic direction, Sydney’s Kyoto Skies have marked 2016 as their breakout year.

Kyoto Skies are the next promising Australian electronic pop peddlers to emerge out of Sydney. Launched in 2014, the project was originally a boy-girl duo,‘Ataractic’, but now, with the addition of two new members – Casey Green and Jonathan Key – and a stunning reinvention of both their image and sound. Thus leading to the transformation from ‘Araractic’ to ‘Kyoto Skies’…

At the start of August, the band shared their soothing, intimate comeback single “Homesick”,a serene electronic pop lullaby, carried along by an addictive pan flute hook, sugary sweet vocals and soothing waves of synths.

Just over a month later, the group returned with the (aptly named) “Start Again”, a cinematic anthem that rolls in on morose piano lines and buoyant synth loops before bursting into vivid tidal waves of epic fuzz just after the one-minute mark. Fans of Vallis Alps or even London Grammar will feel “Start Again” on a spiritual level.


Failr : BPMG Music Licensing PartnerSydney-based songwriter/producer,Warwick Levy has made a smooth transition into his musical alter ego Failr, announcing the release of his EP, ‘Annie’ in late 2015. This release follows the success of the Lark EP, which saw Failr hand-picked as one of FBi Radio’s Unsigned Artists Of The Week. For Travis’ Ears Only and Unreliable (feat. Marky Vaw) were also added to rotation on triple j Unearthed.

Starting with a lusciously grand 47 second intro, ‘Annie’ lays out beats of all flavours for your listening pleasure. Failr’s showed zero failure in his attempts at getting a cool bunch of guest vocalists to star on the tracks.Each artist had the chance to experiment with the sound and add their own unique twist. Cull, Hunter’s Hound, Brave, AViVA  and Iluka feature on a track each, making this EP a strong collection of varied tunes; from banger (Don’t Go) to babeing chill (Everything Will Be Ok) to sweet-sounding hip-hop (Tearing Me Up).


Toyo : Wonderlust : BPMG Music Licensing PartnerTOYO is a blissful cloud of ambiance, with influences from the break-beats of drum and bass.

Toyo is the downtempo face of prolific producer Jarrod Bartlett who creates ambient electronic music from a mixture of organic and worldly sounds. Taking a moment away from his energetic, dancefloor sets as Zodiac, Toyo produces refined, easy to listen to chilled out sounds that are heavily textured and detailed. Emerging from a year in the studio, Toyo has launched into the local scene, playing a set at Dragon Dreaming and supporting international legend Shigeto. The debut single “WONDERLUST”, from his recent EP, ‘Cause Of You’, is a floaty trip away from everyday life.

Jerome Blazé

jerome-blaze-tempest-600After debuting strongly with the heavy, Porter Robinson-reminiscent Heartbeat (listen below), Australian young gun Jerome Blazé has been silently killing it. And just recently, he returned with Tempest, a remarkably chilled-out number – a blissful, well-rounded piece that is as layered and complex on paper as it is simple to the ear.

Since 2013, Jerome has been creating his own unique style of genre-defying music with electronic, jazz, indie, house and orchestral influences which is like like nothing heard before. Jerome writes, composes, sings and produces his music entirely by himself with no pre-recorded samples or lyrics. At just 17 years of age, Jerome shows the makings of an extremely talented musician.

At this point in time, the Australian electronic music scene is growing with highly talented artists with a broad range of sounds –  Jerome is the sound of tomorrow personified.

This is only the beginning of something very special…


Sheph : Whirlpools : BPMG Music LicensingIn just year 8 at school and only 14 years of age, it’s remarkable that Sheph is able to produce electronic music on par with artists twice his age. Tucked away in his home studio in Southern NSW, he writes and produces his music in a space riddled with vintage outboard audio equipment. Aided by a technical comprehension which is unrivalled for his age, his passion for sound excites us for what’s to come.

Influenced by the likes of Flume, Ta-Ku, Daft Punk, Chet Faker, Deadmau5 but sounding like something completely new, this is only the beginning of something very special for Sheph!

2016 has been a huge year for Australian musicians and Sheph is throwing himself into this mix with this release ensuring that he’s here to stay and an artist to make sure you keep an eye on! Check out ‘Whirlpools’ below!

Plutonic Group Syncs | Representing GREAT Music Worldwide
(Worldwide Representation excluding the U.S./Canada for selected artists)

  1. Start Again
  2. Homesick
  3. Gold Dust
  4. Dont Go Ft Hunters Hound
  5. Everything Will Be Ok Ft AViVA
  6. Tearing Me Up Ft Iluka
  7. Tempest (feat Meg)
  8. Heartbeat
  9. Auburn
  10. Wonderlust ft Amy Kirkpatrick
  11. Amoroso
  12. Infinity
  13. I Love It
  14. Your New Best Friend
  15. Whirlpools

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