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Plutonic Group Productions : Six Traits Of A Successful Musician

Six Essential Characteristics You Need To Be a Successful Musician

Ask any successful musician what they think the first step to becoming successful   What is your definition of a successful musician… Before we start, one thing we need to realise is that the notion of success can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different musicians. For example, there are those […]

Nurvel Durd - Benbo - BBC 3

Nurvel Durd: New Release by ‘Benbo’ Is Officially Out

NURVEL DURD IS OFFICIALLY OUT London multi-instrumentalist & producer Benbo dropped the Nurvel Durd video as a Christmas surprise – and now it’s got a full release on PINK LIZARD! Featuring a live human man falling through a hedge into an animated world, the Nurvel Durd video – already hailed as ‘amazingly surreal’ by The […]

How Real Is Your Music | Is Pop Music Fake?

How Real Is Your Music… Is Pop Music Fake?

Almost all the music you hear on Top Forty radio these days is made on machines. And fewer artist write their own songs these days…so does this make Pop Music fake? Written by John Seabrook | The New Yorker Magazine   Two questions were rattling around in my skull while I was working on “The […]

The Wrecking Crew | Famous Musicians

6 Famous Musicians You’ve Heard But Never Heard Of

While it may be world-famous musicians, bands and singers that clamour for the spotlight, the annals of music history is positively bursting with unsung heroes  In that vein, there are perhaps few more underrated yet as essential as the humble session musician. Relying on their professionalism and technical proficiency, they are the musicians’ musician, whose […]

Pete Townshend - The Americans -FX

Pete Townshend Writes, Performs Song for TV Series, ‘The Americans’

For the first time, Pete Townshend of the Who, has written a song for television. “It Must Be Done” will appear on the April 30 episode of the FX show, ‘The Americans’ Written By Phil Gallo | Billboard Magazine     Pete Townshend has written his first original song for a television show, composing and performing “It Must […]

Mark Mothersbaugh | The Lego Movie

Everything is awesome when Mark Mothersbaugh scores ‘The Lego Movie’

Artist, composer and Devo frontman Mark Mothersbaugh dishes on his score for ‘The Lego Movie’ and its chirpy centerpiece, the optimistic, synth-pop theme song ‘Everything Is Awesome.’   Written by August Brown | LA Times   If you walk out of “The Lego Movie” without humming its absurdly chipper theme song, “Everything Is Awesome,” you’re made […]