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Anatomy of a Song : My Plea to Songwriters

Anatomy of a Song : My Plea to Songwriters

There’s more and more music being produced, but upon hearing any given song, it still sounds quite stale. Great ones are even more rare. Some suggestions… – Write outside yourself. We’re up to our ears in personal songs, confessional songs, coming-of-age songs, and yet another song about relationships, breakups, how sad you were when grandpa […]

When To Write A Christmas Holiday Song : Plutonic Group Syncs

Holiday Songs : When to Write and Pitch Music

Got that Festive Feeling? When to Write that Christmas or Holiday Song It seems that every year, when the nights get longer and colder, when our living room is festooned with presents, ornaments, and glistening lights, I really really want to sit down and write Holiday songs. Another thing that compels me to write Christmas […]

Plutonic Group Syncs | Yeti Lane | New Album, L'Aurore

Yeti Lane :: Parisian Psych Duo New Album Release “L’Aurore”

Parisian psych duo Yeti Lane release their third album, ‘L’Aurore’, via Sonic Cathedral and Clapping Music on March 4. Four years after the fantastic The Echo Show, the duo Yeti Lane will offer us their third space-time travel of 8 new titles that perfectly balances their love of analogue electronics with huge waves of guitar. This […]

Music On TV | PlutonicGroupSyncs

Music On TV – Experimental soundtracks and lavish orchestras

The ambitious scores of Game of Thrones, Utopia and new US drama The Knick are bringing a new dimension to music on TV Written by Phelim O’Neill | Have you heard how good TV is these days? By that I don’t mean the quality of the writing or the acting – I mean have you actually listened […]

Samplers That Defined Dance Music

Nine Samplers That Defined Dance Music | Part 1

From the pioneering digital instruments of the early 80s all the way through to today’s best software options, we take a look back at the samplers which have helped define the sound of dance music as we know it. FAIRLIGHT CMI 1979 – 1988 Fairlight CMI Series III If you were forced to pick two […]

Valerie June | Perfect Promo Video

How To Create The Perfect Promo Video

If you’re an independent artist trying to build a living in today’s music business, a promo video is an essential part of your arsenal Written by Ari Herstand | This article originally appeared on   They say a picture tells a thousand words. Well, a video tells a million. You need that video that shows who […]