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Trailer Park Entertainment Agency

Meet the Company Behind Your Favourite Movie & TV Show Trailers

Trailer Park has made the promotions for blockbuster movies like ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Baby Driver.’ When the summer movie season arrived, among the bevy of trailers for highly anticipated films, like Wonder Woman and Spider-Man, was the promo for Baby Driver. The two and a half minute trailer itself–about a young getaway driver–has been a hit with audiences, garnering more than two […]

Samplers That Defined Dance Music

Nine Samplers That Defined Dance Music | Part 1

From the pioneering digital instruments of the early 80s all the way through to today’s best software options, we take a look back at the samplers which have helped define the sound of dance music as we know it. FAIRLIGHT CMI 1979 – 1988 Fairlight CMI Series III If you were forced to pick two […]

Do Your Words Come Through Your Music

Music Marketing :: Do Your Words Come Through the Music?

Do Your Words Come Through The Music?  If you are talent, a brand, a product or a service – you can hardly afford to hope that you will be found serendipitously. POSTED BY JENNIFER MOONEY | ADVERTISING WEEK BLOG Do your words come through the music? The Grateful Dead asked us in Ripple if your words come through the music. […]

Take Control Of Your Music Online

Taking Control of Your Music Online

Taking Control Of Your Music Online   A couple of weeks ago, a good friend watched her laptop’s screen in horror, as a complete stranger began uploading her entire concert from the night before, online onto YouTube. She hadn’t seen this unknown cameraman, filming from the middle of the audience with a shaky, low-res cell-phone camera […]

MIDI Synthesizing Music

The MIDI Revolution: Synthesizing Music For The Masses

MIDI Synthesizers: a revolution spawned by a desire for connection and collaboration, not dollars and cents. You can’t hear it, not exactly, but it’s in almost every song on the radio. It’s a 30-year-old technology that hasn’t changed much over the years but is now used in ways that its creators likely never imagined. In […]

What a Producer Does & Why You Should Consider Using One

Working as a producer for the last ten years, I’ve recorded with all kinds of artists from “fresh off the boat” newbies to artists whose experience in the world of music doubles or even triples my own.  In every case, my role as a producer stays essentially the same.  It’s that role that I’m going […]