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Copyrights, Publishing + ASCAP….What’s The Difference?

ASCAP along with BMI and SESAC are PRO’s, they are not publishers. Registering your songs with them does not mean you have a publishing deal!   I get asked a lot “I’m with BMI / ASCAP, aren’t they my publisher?” The simple answer to this is no. As Artist/songwriters, you need to know and have a basic understanding of […]

DIY artist revenue streams

The 3 Most Profitable DIY Artist Revenue Streams

DIY artist living below stardom are consistently finding profitable careers   DIY/Independent artists can make more money than ever before. The walls of major label distribution have crumbled, and have been down for a decade. Social networks make promotion to fans easier and cheaper. Add in home recording, crowd-sourced artwork, and other cost cutting maneuvers […]

Dave Ambrose : Legendary A&R Man | Plutonic Group

The Man | The Myth | The Legendary A&R Man: Dave Ambrose

Dave Ambrose ~ The Man with the Golden Ear   Dave Ambrose started his musical career playing with such luminaries as Rod Stewart,  Fleetwood Mac, Jeff Beck and Arthur Brown before moving into the music  business itself after a short period of time working for the ICA. Peter B’s Looners (also sometimes called Peter B’s) […]

Song Camp | Songwriters


HOW A SONG CAMP WORKS :: A SONGWRITERS PERSPECTIVE Two independent music publishers organised a song camp to get their songwriters together with record label A&Rs, artist managers and producers. Song camps are becoming an increasingly popular way for publishers and groups of songwriters to get together and create songs tailored to a specific artist. […]