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80s Music As Heard On TV Today : Music Placement

’80s Music : As Heard On TV Today

How TV Is Making Us Hear ’80s Music in a Whole New Way   Before The Sopranos series finale famously cut to black, Tony Soprano made a choice. He flipped through the options in a diner jukebox and decided to play Journey’s 1981 anthem “Don’t Stop Believin’.” That wasn’t the first time a TV show […]

Mr Robot Soundtrack

TV’s Best Soundtrack : How Mr Robot Pulls It Off

Mr Robot soundtrack coordinator tells us how they pull off the most masterful music moments on TV.   Jump down two paragraphs if you didn’t see the last installment of Mr. Robot, or just watch it now and this article will patiently wait for you to catch up. The most recent episode of Mr. Robot surprised […]

Binge Viewing And The Golden Age of Television Theme Songs

In the age of binge viewing, it’s more important than ever that TV theme songs be engineered to reward multiple plays   Written By Steve Knopper | Wall Street Journal TV Theme Songs :: Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” was never a hit, but these days people are listening to the 39-year-old rock classic so frequently that […]

True Blood | Music Supervisor Gary Calamar

Music Supervisor Gary Calamar: ‘True Blood’ Is A Dream Show

True Blood‘ Music Supervisor Gary Calamar On Why The Vampire Soap Is ‘A Dream Show’   Written by Kim Bellware | Huffington Post As fans prepare to bid farewell to Sookie, Eric, Bill, and Arlene when “True Blood” ends on August 24, one thing watchers will miss most of all about HBO’s vampire soap is the […]

Series Finale Music | Sopranos

The Best and Worst Series Finale Music of All Time

The Series Finale Music Track: From Journey in “The Sopranos” to the Walkmen in “How I Met Your Mother,” we’ve made our picks   There are many elements involved in sticking the landing on a TV show — not least choosing the right series finale music. If the song playing as Tony Soprano waited for […]

TV Shows And Advertising Drive Music

TV Shows and Advertising Drive Music Discovery & Sales

Shazam found that TV shows and advertising continue to be a key driver for breaking new artists and reviving older songs     TV shows and advertising were key drivers for breaking new artists and reviving older tracks in 2014, according to the latest Shazam metrics.  In the UK, The Walking Dead delivered 43,000 tags for Ben […]