Sync Placement: Secret Colours on Netflix Series, ‘Flaked’

Netflix New Series ‘Flaked’, EP 108: ‘Peach’ by Secret Colours

Move over Vinyl – the best new soundtrack on TV has arrived, with Will Arnett’s new Netflix comedy/drama Flaked.

At first a light-hearted exploration of underachievement in the orange, Insta-chic hipsterland of Venice, California, it’s soon cut through with satisfyingly slow-burn drama. And its soundtrack facilitates that effect – original tracks were composed by Pavement’s Stephen Malkmus and it has even more indie cred thanks to the cuts it uses from Warpaint, EL VY, Car Seat Headrest and Kurt Vile – among many others – plus exclusive tracks contributed by Local Natives, Kid Bloom and S. Carey.

Flaked: The Story
Set to run across the course of eight episodes, Flaked will star Netflix-darling, Will Arnett as the honesty-avoiding, sobriety-leaning Chip, a Venice, California resident who builds himself up as a life guru. Once he begins falling in love with the woman that his best friend desires, Chip finds his falsified foundations crumbling as dark truths are unearthed. This leaves his vastly important image in a negative spotlight, and he’ll probably learn something about himself by the time all is said and done.

Flaked: The Music

Ignore the ukulele in the above trailer. It’s not a cutesy rom-com about a love triangle.
The music that’ll appear on this Netflix dramedy gives even more clues about the tone and mood of this new series, like that of our placement of ‘Peach’ by Chicago-based Psychrockers, Secret Colours!

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