Hip Hop Rap Mix :: We Be Kick’n it

PGS Sync Sampler :: Hip Hop x Rap x Trip x Trap

Hip Hop Rap Mix :: Plutonic Group SyncsIf you’re not yet familiar with our eclectic roster of Hip Hop Rap, here’s a quality introduction.

We have to concede that Hip Hop Rap music has grown a great deal since it began in the Bronx over forty years ago.

When looking for more music and artists you will like you never just Google in hip hop and take what it gives you.

Hip Hop Rap is a celebration of diversity.

As diverse as music as a whole is with all its different genres, Hip Hop Rap too, is just as diverse if not more with all its various different sub genres (e.g. Alt, Conscious, Harping, Boom Bap, Grime, Southern, Crunk and so on…) and changes to it over time. Having to expand into sub-genres should make us happy that so many different types of people want to participate in the musical efforts of the culture and express themselves.

This reality has inspired us to curate a boombastic playlist – a celebration of the thriving urban music scene around the globe, lush rap beats, beautiful electronic sweeps – sending you off on a spiritual voyage through meticulously scattered psychedelic riffs and brain-tickling bass lines.

Intense, powerful and motivating – artists on this playlist include Hip Hop Rap heavy hitters, Jorrdee, Dee Nasty, Tambour Battant, Scratch Bandits Crew, Ahmen, The Procussions, Chill Bump, and more…

Listener, beware of the beats that lie ahead.

Plutonic Group Syncs | Representing GREAT Music Worldwide

  1. Track 10
  2. Twil feat Rachid Taha
  3. Move Pon Bakka ft Bazil
  4. Just Us
  5. Our Time (clean)
  6. Wild West
  7. Arrête
  8. Won't Stop
  9. Satisfy
  10. Informal Sector Parade
  11. Do It Do It Featuring Gavlyn, Oh Blimey
  12. Coller Au Rythme
  13. Iron Vox
  14. Con Las Manos en la Masa
  15. Want It
  16. Que Sera

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