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After hanging our shingle in 2012, music supervisors, independent filmmakers and production houses have found value in our catalogue with clients such as Netflix, BBC and NBC along with emerging creative companies trusting us to supply them with top quality music for their content.

To keep this calibre of clients coming back, the integrity of recording and composition of all of our music is very high – the artist releases represent music that is crafted to artisan standards of perfection to stand alone on the merits of it’s own beauty and emotional impact.

Music On Television : Music Licensing
TV Trailers + Promos

Music Licensing

Everything we do is about music and the power it has to enhance a moving image. In addition to our own unique catalogue of inspiring music – of which we control both master and publishing rights – we have partnered with a growing number of new and established global artists, indie publishers and record labels, providing us with a plethora of brilliant tunes for your media project!

Music In Film : Music Licensing
Film + Trailers

Music Curation

Everyone loves finding new music. But we know finding the right music for your project without having to worry about copyrights and clearances, would make life easier. You’re busy. We get it.

So, if you need help finding the best song, we provide custom searches because we really get a kick out of sourcing opportunities for independent artists from our music partners catalogues!

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Music Production

Industry veteran, Beanz Rudden, who leads our in-house production studio, knows that producing music requires knowledge, dedication & creativity. Our goal is to assure that only the best parts are used to produce a better flow, dynamic energy and overall powerful performance.  while affirming the vocal track, along with the lyrics, is impeccable – so much so that they leave a meaningful footprint in the minds of the listener.

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