Indie Britannia : PGS Sync Sampler

Indie Britannia : The Music Mix

Just a few years ago, the British music press could oft be heard decrying ‘indie is dead,’ but a new generation of indie rockers are forcing critics to eat their words.

Just Good Music - Indie Britannia - PGS Sync SamplerIn need of some new music? These bands are taking over the British music scene! A mix of Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Britpop, Post-Britpop and Alternative Rock from the well known to the unknown or just under-appreciated bands and tracks from the great indie talent pool from the UK — trust us, you’ll definitely want them on your playlist.

We know it can be overwhelming for casual pop/rock fans who don’t know which artists or songs appearing on these lists to investigate further. That’s why we at Plutonic Group Syncs have prepared a custom Indie Britannia playlist for you music fans and music supervisors alike, featuring 15 songs from our roster that could have reasonably appeared on a Spotify or Apple Music playlist alongside The 1975, Fat White Family and Circa Waves. The list isn’t too heavy, so feel free to shuffle around and experience some of the best Indie Britannia tunes in our music vault!

Plutonic Group Syncs | Representing GREAT Music WORLDWIDE

  1. In My Cell
  2. True North
  3. Rising Heights
  4. A Little Lit Up
  5. Kinetic Safari
  6. Porn Mountain
  7. I'm The One You Love
  8. If You're Listening
  9. Cologne Hotel
  10. Will To Believe
  11. If You Feel Emotional
  12. You Seem Confused
  13. Mascara
  14. She'll Lie
  15. Keep It Funky (Oh No Ah-Ah) (Pan Electric Radio Mix)

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