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Anatomy of a Song : My Plea to Songwriters

Anatomy of a Song : My Plea to Songwriters

There’s more and more music being produced, but upon hearing any given song, it still sounds quite stale. Great ones are even more rare. Some suggestions… – Write outside yourself. We’re up to our ears in personal songs, confessional songs, coming-of-age songs, and yet another song about relationships, breakups, how sad you were when grandpa […]

What Makes Music Licensable

Sync Licensing: What Makes Music ‘Licensable’ for Visual Media

Sync Licensing: Songs serve the purpose of the visual media with which they are synched – they have the power to both stand alone and be subservient to the action going on on-screen… and to add more depth to the scene on-screen. So, what makes some songs licensable? As you begin diving into the realm of […]