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I'm Not A Machine : Plutonic Group Syncs Partnership

I’m Not A Machine Music Partners With Plutonic Group Syncs

I’m Not A Machine : Music Partners Plutonic Group Syncs is proud to announce our new music partnership with I’m Not A Machine Music – a UK-based music company spearheaded by its CEO, Verity Pabla. With an ever expanding music catalogue and by incorporating Plutonic as their sync licensing arm – the two companies have teamed up […]

Music Licensing Tips | PlutonicGroupSyncs

Music Licensing Tips : Rob Schustack, Junto Sounds

Music Licensing Tips In this video recap, licensing expert Rob Schustack, Senior Producer / Music Supervisor at Junto Sounds shares his insight about music placement. Learn many valuable music licensing tips on how to get your tracks placed in television, film, advertisements, and video games. Licensing your music is one of the fastest growing opportunities for artists […]

How Indie Musicans Are Reinventing Film Music

How Indie Musicians Are Reinventing Film Music

Looking at and listening to the movies that have been made so far this decade, it’s clear that filmmakers are increasingly turning to indie musicians (and popular iconoclasts who have openly agitated the major record labels) to help them rethink what the cinema can sound like. Written by David Ehrlich | The Dissolve     It […]

Paul Simon | PlutonicGroupSyncs

Simon Says: The 9 Best Cinematic Uses of Paul Simon Songs

From his work with Art Garfunkel to his multi-layered solo career, Paul Simon’s songs have gained a permanent place in the canon of great American music. Some of that work has been prominently featured in many great films – and films not so great. Written by John LaRue | TDYLF blog     Paul Simon is […]

Music Licensing Benefits

The Huge Benefits of Licensing Your Music

Is licensing your music similar to “selling out”  With all the changes that have been going on in the music industry over the past decade, one of the biggest and most lucrative has been the rise of music licensing.  It is now very common to hear your favourite song not only on the radio, but […]

Music Supervisors Risky Business

What Would Movies Be Without Music & Music Supervisors

‘Risky Business,’ ‘Pulp Fiction’ Would Be Nothing Without Music Supervisors       Imagine “Risky Business” without Bob Seger‘s “Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Or “Say Anything” without Peter Gabriel‘s “In Your Eyes.” The inclusion of The Shins‘ “Caring is Creepy” and “New Slang” in “Garden State” catapulted them from a solid but largely unknown […]