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Trailer Park Entertainment Agency

Meet the Company Behind Your Favourite Movie & TV Show Trailers

Trailer Park has made the promotions for blockbuster movies like ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Baby Driver.’ When the summer movie season arrived, among the bevy of trailers for highly anticipated films, like Wonder Woman and Spider-Man, was the promo for Baby Driver. The two and a half minute trailer itself–about a young getaway driver–has been a hit with audiences, garnering more than two […]

Music Licensing Tips | PlutonicGroupSyncs

Music Licensing Tips : Rob Schustack, Junto Sounds

Music Licensing Tips In this video recap, licensing expert Rob Schustack, Senior Producer / Music Supervisor at Junto Sounds shares his insight about music placement. Learn many valuable music licensing tips on how to get your tracks placed in television, film, advertisements, and video games. Licensing your music is one of the fastest growing opportunities for artists […]

Movie Trailer Music: Licensing for Films

Movie Trailer Music: It’s Not What You Think

Movie trailer music doesn’t come from the film soundtracks, contrary to popular belief. Stephen Kelly learns the trade tricks from the composers whose job it is to make you care   They’re the unsung heroes of Hollywood, those whose job it is to stop your heart, steal your breath and leave you gasping for more – and […]