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Musical TV Moments 2016 : Music Licensing

Musical TV Moments : The Best of 2016

The 10 Best Musical TV Moments of 2016 Photo-Illustration: Vulture “Don’t you wonder sometimes ’bout sound and vision?” Judging from the year in television, the industry’s showrunners and music supervisors would definitely answer David Bowie’s question with a big “yes.” Music has been a key part of prestige TV ever since David Chase’s astutely curated […]

Why Sync Reps Ignore Your Music by Michael St. James

Sync Reps Ignoring Your Tracks? Here’s Why…

3 Reasons Sync Reps Are Ignoring Your Tracks If you’ve been trying to get Master/Sync licenses (Syncs) for your music to be used in advertising, games, movies, etc., you’ve probably been dealing with  Sync Reps. If you’re unfamiliar with how this process works, basically a rep is the person who is tasked with finding, vetting, […]

Real Musicians Have Day Jobs | Indie School of Rock | Indie Musicians

13 Things Indie Musicians Are Sick of Hearing at the Holiday Dinner Table

The career choice of indie musicians inevitably evokes the annual, mystified, “head scratch and question” routine at the dinner table year after year… Written by Jessica Larson | My Mini-Apple blog   This post is a little serious tongue in cheek. take it for what it’s worth. Seeing as though we are embarking on the holiday season, […]

Artist Development

The Reason Musicians Fail | Artist Development coach, Cari Cole

As an indie artist, you’ve got plenty of hurdles to clear before you achieve success with your music career – a positive mindset is where it all starts Written by CARI COLE in FAST FORWARD | Discmakers There are a variety of reasons musicians and indie artists fail. Some lack real talent or work ethic. Some suffer from bad […]

Timbaland | Experimental R&B

Beyond Timbaland: the Future Stars of Experimental R&B

Timbaland and Cassie started it, artists such as Drake and Frank Ocean twisted it a bit more and now a new generation of musicians is forcing soul into unheard-of mutations   Written by Paul Lester  | theguardian.com       “In the most direct way, we’re trying to be post-Timbaland,” says Kelela Mizanekristos, one of several new […]

Hobbyist vs Professional Musician | PlutonicGroupSyncs

Hobbyist vs. Professional Musician – What’s the Difference?

How To Tell If You’re A Hobbyist, Not A Professional Musician   Written by James Moore | Originally posted  by Think Like A Label I’ve been working with James for nearly a year now, and we’ve worked together to strengthen our abilities to help bands and entrepreneurs obtain viable exposure for their music and art. James Moore is a knowledgeable independent music […]