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6 Musician Revenue Streams You’re Probably Forgetting About

Musician Revenue Streams | Being a musician in today’s music industry not only requires musical talent, but it also requires you to become a quick-thinking, creative mastermind in order to generate the most revenue from your music. Written by Janette Berrios | Symphonic Distribution Blog A version of this article originally appeared on the Symphonic Distribution blog. There are […]

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So You Have A Great Song – Now What? MUSIC INFOGRAPHIC

Music Infographic :: You’ve reached a point where you have written a perfectly crafted song. It fits into one of the structures typically heard on the radio. Your lyrics are well-crafted. Your melodies are memorable. They include catchy rhythms and lots of repetition. You’re producing competitive demos that sound as good as those being pitched by the […]

Seeking Success for Your Songs in the World of Music Licensing

Music Licensing: Recipe for success in the world of music Written By: DAVID DUSTY | Music Think Tank Mallory Zumbach, the Creative Director at Round Hill Music, shares her knowledge and insight about the music publishing industry by breaking down a recipe for success in the world of music for those Music Think Tank musicians looking to make it […]

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Low Hanging Fruit in the Music Business: Find Opportunity (Pt. 1)

Low hanging fruit | Harvesting in the right places Posted by Andy Lykens There are HUGE opportunities you’re blowing. Massive. The bad news is I have no idea what they are specifically. The good news is they’ll still be there tomorrow, and the next day, and probably until whenever it is you get your act together, […]