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I'm Not A Machine : Plutonic Group Syncs Partnership

I’m Not A Machine Music Partners With Plutonic Group Syncs

I’m Not A Machine : Music Partners Plutonic Group Syncs is proud to announce our new music partnership with I’m Not A Machine Music – a UK-based music company spearheaded by its CEO, Verity Pabla. With an ever expanding music catalogue and by incorporating Plutonic as their sync licensing arm – the two companies have teamed up […]

Music Publishing | Synchronisation

Now You Know Everything About Music Publishing …

More than ever, music publishing income is key. It’s essential to manage and exploit your musical repertoire, and look at alternative means to generate revenue streams in this realm. The following guest post comes from Budi Voogt, an artist manager, label owner and Soundcloud enthusiast expert.  He writes about music marketing and the industry on his blog.  His latest […]

DIY artist revenue streams

The 3 Most Profitable DIY Artist Revenue Streams

DIY artist living below stardom are consistently finding profitable careers   DIY/Independent artists can make more money than ever before. The walls of major label distribution have crumbled, and have been down for a decade. Social networks make promotion to fans easier and cheaper. Add in home recording, crowd-sourced artwork, and other cost cutting maneuvers […]

Reflecting On EMI, An Industry Giant Felled

The London headquarters of EMI, whose sale brought the number of major labels from four to three. It’s hard to overstate how much the name EMI means in the UK. The record label ofThe Beatles — and later, The Rolling Stones — is even immortalized in a song by another EMI artist, The Sex Pistols. Brian Southall, who worked […]