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Musicians Revenue Streams | PlutonicGroupSyncs

6 Musician Revenue Streams You’re Probably Forgetting About

Musician Revenue Streams | Being a musician in today’s music industry not only requires musical talent, but it also requires you to become a quick-thinking, creative mastermind in order to generate the most revenue from your music. Written by Janette Berrios | Symphonic Distribution Blog A version of this article originally appeared on the Symphonic Distribution blog. There are […]

Great Song | Music Infographic

So You Have A Great Song – Now What? MUSIC INFOGRAPHIC

Music Infographic :: You’ve reached a point where you have written a perfectly crafted song. It fits into one of the structures typically heard on the radio. Your lyrics are well-crafted. Your melodies are memorable. They include catchy rhythms and lots of repetition. You’re producing competitive demos that sound as good as those being pitched by the […]

The 9 Best Cinematic Uses of Paul Simon Songs

The 9 Best Cinematic Uses of Paul Simon Songs

From his work with Art Garfunkel to his multi-layered solo career, Paul Simon’s songs have gained a permanent place in the canon of great American music. Some of that work has been prominently featured in many great films – and films not so great.       Paul Simon is a musical icon, the kind of […]

13 Things Indie Musicians Hate

13 Things Indie Musicians Are Sick of Hearing at the Holiday Dinner Table

The career choice of indie musicians inevitably evokes the annual, mystified, “head scratch and question” routine at the dinner table year after year… This post is a little serious tongue in cheek. take it for what it’s worth. Seeing as though we are embarking on the holiday season, which for most, means also entering into a […]

Why Musicians Fail :: Cari Cole

Reasons Why Musicians Fail by Music Coach, Cari Cole

As an indie artist, you musicians will have plenty of hurdles to clear before you achieve success with your music career – a positive mindset is where it all starts There are a variety of reasons musicians and indie artists fail. Some lack real talent or work ethic. Some suffer from bad timing – like starting […]