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When To Write A Christmas Holiday Song : Plutonic Group Syncs

Holiday Songs : When to Write and Pitch Music

Got that Festive Feeling? When to Write that Christmas or Holiday Song It seems that every year, when the nights get longer and colder, when our living room is festooned with presents, ornaments, and glistening lights, I really really want to sit down and write Holiday songs. Another thing that compels me to write Christmas […]

Why Sync Reps Ignore Your Music by Michael St. James

Sync Reps Ignoring Your Tracks? Here’s Why…

3 Reasons Sync Reps Are Ignoring Your Tracks If you’ve been trying to get Master/Sync licenses (Syncs) for your music to be used in advertising, games, movies, etc., you’ve probably been dealing with  Sync Reps. If you’re unfamiliar with how this process works, basically a rep is the person who is tasked with finding, vetting, […]

Songs x Songwriters: Holland-Dozier-Holland

Songs by Legendary Songwriting Trio: Holland-Dozier-Holland Talk About Their Motown Hits, And Their Projects The legendary Motown team of Holland-Dozier-Holland is known for writing and producing many of the greatest pop and R&B songs of the modern era. The songs they wrote for Diana Ross & The Supremes, the Four Tops, Martha & The Vandellas, Marvin […]

Music Licensing Process | Plutonic Group Syncs

Music Licensing & Placement Process Explained

    Music placement in film, television, and advertisements has quickly become a significant revenue source for musicians and the music industry. Most importantly, it has become a new platform for A&R and allows the opportunity for relatively unknown artists to break. Any genre of music has a place on film and TV, but the […]

The Acoustic Guitar Project

Giving Songwriters Worldwide, a Guitar and One Week to Write a Song Josh Jones is a writer, editor, and musician based in Washington, DC. Follow him @jdmagness The White Stripes’ song “Little Room” is all about re-connecting with the space of creativity within you—the “little room” where emotions become ideas—when you’re feeling overwhelmed (by success? Or […]

The Art Of Keeping Your Songwriting Simple

 The Art Of Keeping Your Songwriting Simple Reblogged from: Corey Stewart, ‘All About Songwriting’ As songwriters we should always be looking for ways to express what’s inside our minds and our hearts plus, what we observe externally from ourselves. We also have to balance this need to express ourselves with the fact that we also […]