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Anatomy of a Song : My Plea to Songwriters

Anatomy of a Song : My Plea to Songwriters

There’s more and more music being produced, but upon hearing any given song, it still sounds quite stale. Great ones are even more rare. Some suggestions… – Write outside yourself. We’re up to our ears in personal songs, confessional songs, coming-of-age songs, and yet another song about relationships, breakups, how sad you were when grandpa […]

When To Write A Christmas Holiday Song : Plutonic Group Syncs

Holiday Songs : When to Write and Pitch Music

Got that Festive Feeling? When to Write that Christmas or Holiday Song It seems that every year, when the nights get longer and colder, when our living room is festooned with presents, ornaments, and glistening lights, I really really want to sit down and write Holiday songs. Another thing that compels me to write Christmas […]

DIY Musicians Talk Scoring Syncs

Synchtank Blog: Four DIY Musicians Talk Scoring Syncs

SYNCS: Four DIY musicians talk scoring sync licenses In their recent blog entry, our friends over at Synchtank speak to four unsigned, DIY musicians who explain how they have scored syncs and the impact that it’s had on their careers. 1) Dane Schmidt (Jamestown Story) – Singer/Songwriter, Nashville, TN Why did you decide to go the […]

10 Female Singers You Need To Know

10 Amazing Female Singers You Haven’t Heard Of Yet

We know it’s easy to put your iPod on shuffle and feel like you’ve heard all of your songs a million times, so the team over at Stella Magazine rounded up some of their favourite under-the-radar female singers, so you’ll have new tunes to listen to right now!   Underrated female singers-songwriters that you need to […]

Pete Townshend - The Americans -FX

Pete Townshend Writes, Performs Song for TV Series, ‘The Americans’

For the first time, Pete Townshend of the Who, has written a song for television. “It Must Be Done” will appear on the April 30 episode of the FX show, ‘The Americans’ Written By Phil Gallo | Billboard Magazine     Pete Townshend has written his first original song for a television show, composing and performing “It Must […]