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Anatomy of a Song : My Plea to Songwriters

Anatomy of a Song : My Plea to Songwriters

There’s more and more music being produced, but upon hearing any given song, it still sounds quite stale. Great ones are even more rare. Some suggestions… – Write outside yourself. We’re up to our ears in personal songs, confessional songs, coming-of-age songs, and yet another song about relationships, breakups, how sad you were when grandpa […]

Honing Your Craft - 6 ways to build your reputation

How to Build Your Reputation as a Songwriter

6 ways to establish your reputation and yourself as a songwriter – and stand out – in the industry Posted in MusicWorld | by Cliff Goldmacher As in any business, your reputation and the impression that you make is a big part of a successful career in songwriting. Being well-respected and taken seriously as a songwriter will, in […]

Donald Fagen Song

Songs and the Writer Role Models: Donald Fagen

Songs and the Writer: On the occasion of Donald Fagen’s latest non-Steely Dan effort, Sunken Condos, we sat down to talk about this new classic, and his previous songs. You and Walter Becker are among the few songwriters to extend the vocabulary of chords. Back in the days when they wrote standards, a lot of composers were using […]

Songs x Songwriters: Holland-Dozier-Holland

Songs by Legendary Songwriting Trio: Holland-Dozier-Holland Talk About Their Motown Hits, And Their Projects The legendary Motown team of Holland-Dozier-Holland is known for writing and producing many of the greatest pop and R&B songs of the modern era. The songs they wrote for Diana Ross & The Supremes, the Four Tops, Martha & The Vandellas, Marvin […]

Follow-Up, Follow Through

3 Ways it Pays for Song Writers to Follow Through

By Cliff Goldmacher | Originally posted on TuneCore Blog   Songwriting is art.  Like all art, songs require a healthy dose of inspiration which is nearly impossible to predict or control. In that way, the spark that results in the creation of a song is a gift, but the rest of the process is nothing more […]

Tools of a Songwriter

Thoughts on Writer’s Block From One Songwriter to Another

Cure for writer’s block: Sit down and write, without judgment. by CHERYL B. ENGELHARDT in FAST FORWARD “The art of writing is the art of applying the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair.” – Mary Heaton Vorse As an artist who relies on my songwriting to help earn a living, my worst fear is that […]