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PGS Sync Sampler :: 70s 80s Retro Jukebox

70s 80s Retro JukeboxThe 1960s get all the attention for being the golden age of rock, and the late 80s/early 90s for taking music into a strange, “new” territory with random and eclectic influences thrown into the mix. In between these eras, there are gems from the late 1970s and early 1980s, which deserve to be dusted off the shelf and listened to again. Or at least, grooved to which you can right here, on our 70s 80s Retro Jukebox.

Disco, Hair Rock, and Champagne Soul are just a few of the sounds that came out of one of the most diverse decades of music, the 70s. We’ve curated a selection of some of our best retro musical gems from or reminiscent of the era.

80s music was all about power ballads, enormous hair and the arrival of those New Romantics. OK, it wasn’t necessarily the most fashionable of decades but you have to admit, it did give us some pretty amazing songs!

We’ve chosen a shortlist of the best songs from our 70s 80s retro catalogue – take a look, have a listen and then let us know which classic tracks you’d like to place in your media project!

The PGS 70s 80s Retro Sync Sampler allows a quick and easy way of finding and licensing the best music to suit your productions: From films to adverts, games, corporate projects or television.

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  1. Promised Land (Original Mix)
  2. Hook Line and Sinker
  3. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Love
  4. Still a Part of Me
  5. Don't Break Your Promise
  6. Lay Your Hands
  7. Play The Game
  8. Ripped Again
  9. The Look Of Love
  10. We Close Our Eyes


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