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Plutonic Group Syncs, established in 2012 by music industry veterans Beanz Rudden and Pamela Lewis-Rudden, is a boutique sync licensing agency.

We specialize in promoting a select range of dynamic and original music from a wide spectrum of eras and genres; representing the interests of our esteemed clients, the music makers, thus delivering outstanding results.

You’ll hear our music in adverts, feature films, TV programmes and promos, film trailers and other visual media around the globe.

Innovation, creativity and skill go into each project – our focus, notably, being on finding the perfect soundtrack for every scene.

Representing Music for Film, TV, Advertising, Video Games and Trailers

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Music Licensing:

Everything we do is about music and the power it has to enhance a moving image. In addition, we have our own unique catalogue of inspiring music – of which we control both master and publishing rights. Not only that, we have also partnered with a growing number of new and established global artists, indie publishers and record labels. Consequently, this has  provided us with a plethora of brilliant tunes for your media project!

Music Curation:

Everyone loves finding new music. But we know finding the right music for your project without worrying about copyrights and clearances, would make life easier. You’re busy. We get it.  Need help sourcing the right music? We provide custom searches because we really get a kick out of sourcing opportunities for independent artists.

Plutonic Group Syncs | Representing Great Music WORLDWIDE

Visit our music page, to find an extensive array of sync samplers – each containing superlative tracks available for licensing. Majestic trailer tracks, exciting advertising music along with some pretty awe-inspiring music for television.

Got time for a chat? Need one of our much sought-after curated playlist of relevant music for your next project? Then contact us for a targeted search. We’re here to make your life and licensing a breeze…