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 Who We Are | Plutonic Group | Stephen Beanz RuddenWho We Are :: Stephen ‘Beanz‘ Rudden ~ Musician|Producer|Songwriter has traveled a long and winding road of music that stretches from Irish reels and English punk to techno-pop and music for films, video games and kids’ cartoons. Beanz showed early interest in music when at age 4 he began tapping out perfect rhythm to his Dad’s Beatles and Bob Dylan records with pencils on the sofa cushion. By the tender age 10, Stephen was in his first band –The Mighty Midgets – kickin’ out the Steppenwolf and Pink Floyd jams.

Plutonic GroupUK | Pink Floyd in January 1968 Left to right: Maso...

He has been working in the music business for over 20+ years as a record producer, composer, keyboard player arranger, programmer and performer throughout London, Europe and Asia. His strengths are in Pop, Techno and Acoustic music. His passion is working with creatives of all fields, by luring and conjuring up the best performance out of the many artists he works with.

His inspiring approach to music and songwriting really does make a difference. He pushes boundaries to create and fuse vibrance, by twisting and turning the list of performance possibilities. He’s keen to make some new noise in the pop music arena making more music that springs from wherever his imagination takes him.

Throughout the last 5 years Beanz has returned to the Eurovision scene, writing songs for Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Malta and many others.

Subsequently, due in part to his penchant for both producing and writing, Beanz has traveled far and wide as an invited guest on a multitude of song camps from Scandinavia (Roasting House, GL Music), Holland (DWB), Greece (Black Rock), The UK (UKTI/Notting Hill), all the way over to Nashville, TN.

One of his most recent collaborative projects yielded him a cut on the recent release of multi-platinum selling J-Pop boy band sensation, ‘Arashi’ – with the single garnering sales of 650,000+! [02/09/15]. This success was followed by yet another cut on J-pop sensation, ‘Nissy‘ on the artist album, ‘Hocus Pocus’. A storm of excitement on Twitter helped to drive the album to the No.1 position on iTunes (Japan) on the first day of it’s release (March 2016).

That same year, a chance meeting at the BUMA music conference in Amsterdam, led to several collaborative projects with the young, prolifically talented composer, Tom Player of Lost Track Productions (UK).

The summer of 2017 saw Beanz and family make the giant leap across the pond to Los Angeles in pursuit of new musical adventures!

All the key elements seem to be falling right into place for Beanz to blow a fresh wind of pop music across the continents. And his mission remains the same. “I’ve traveled some very strange territories in my time, but music always transcends everything,” he concludes. “When people can bond on music, they can get on in anything. I’m just looking to make good honest songs…something worthwhile that people will enjoy 20 years from now.”

From this base Beanz continues to work on varied and interesting projects as a music producer and songwriter for Plutonic Productions. He is defining his own inimitable production style, and just occasionally, you might find him strumming the guitar strings…(or making his own home-brewed bitter or red wine)!

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Who We Are :: Strategic Network Consultant, Pamela Lewis-Rudden, has been a powerhouse in a myriad of industries. With professional experience in the music industry, video promotions and model management, Pamela has now put her stamp on the music scene in the United Kingdom. Exposed to different cultures while living abroad in Europe and the Middle East, this world traveler has managed to amass an electronic rolodex of contacts throughout the four corners of the globe.

An immensely driven music executive with 20+ years of music industry experience working for several major labels and independent clients in creative positions. With humble beginnings as an assistant to the Director of Black Music Promotions at RCA, she went on to work in the A&R departments at MCA (Wendy Creadle) and Uptown Records/MCA (Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs) during the height of the New Jack Swing era. She then moved to Management at Cold Chillin’/WB, and not long afterwards, utilized her ambition, talent and expertise to launch her own company, P. funk Music Video Promotion.

With sheer determination, she made the move from thriving business owner to bright upstart in the world of fashion. Always the trailblazer, there were other horizons and personal goals to be met.

At breakneck speed Ms. Lewis ascended the ranks at Next Model Management to become a model booker, working with such luminaries as Georgina Grenville, Joy Bryant, Tasha Tilberg, Debra Shaw, Amanda Moore and Nicola Vassell at the reputable global agency.

As Vice-President of Plutonic Productions and Sync Licensing Specialist at Plutonic Group Syncs, along with managing  Producer:Songwriter, Beanz Rudden, Pamela has connected her love of music and her immense social and networking skills to forge an exciting new path.


Throughout her various careers, Pamela’s passion for people and desire to help others achieve their goals has been a guiding light. She has approached each new project with the zeal, determination, heart and dynamism that has made her such a success.