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If you know anything about us, you know we live for discovering new music. Everyone loves finding new music. But we know finding the right music for your project, without having to worry about copyrights and clearances, would make life easier. You’re busy. We get it.

So, if you need help sourcing the right music, we provide custom searches because we really get a kick out of sourcing opportunities for independent artists!

About Us :: Our Story

Plutonic Group Syncs, established in 2012 by music industry veterans Beanz Rudden and Pamela Lewis-Rudden, is a London-based boutique third-party licensing agency. We specialize in the placement of music in Television, Films, Advertising, Gaming and Trailer productions which require music with character and individuality. As Sync Agents, we represent not only established but also emerging artists, songwriters, and premium vintage music catalogues as well as a global network of indie music publishing companies.

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In essence, everything we do is about music and the power it has to enhance a moving image…

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Got time for a chat? Need one of our much sought-after curated playlist of relevant music for your next project? Then learn more about us – call or send an email for a targeted search. We’re here to make your life and licensing a breeze…