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adem-folk-radio-photo-plutonic-group-syncsBritish singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Adem Ilhan writes pastoral pop that’s augmented by eclectic instrumentation and wistful and irreverent lyrics.

Adem’s debut solo album, Homesongs was released in 2004 to huge critical acclaim – a homemade masterpiece of warmth and universal truth set to a bed of interesting instrumentation and subtle production. His follow up album, the cosmic Love and Other Planets examined the detail of love, loss and everyday emotions from above, way above, using the universe and its ways as a metaphor for life, comparing the largest and tiniest of things. This album saw Adem stretching himself and the genre that people had assumed him part of, setting him apart once again.

Adem’s honest vocal delivery and beguiling song structures present his tightly wrought musical vision with great style. Adem produced all three of his albums. He started and curates the Homefires festival in London and the Assembly mass improvisation group. He can also lay claim to being the Founding member of pioneering post-rock band Fridge alongside Four Tet’s Kieran Hebden and one half of Silver Columns with Johnny Lynch aka The Pictish Trail.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find on, ‘Seconds Are Acorns’ with his new video Snow in April:

Adem announced details of his first solo album of original material for nine years, Seconds Are Acorns, released October 2nd on his own label Oneiris via Caroline. It’s been described as warm melodies and occasionally unsettling sonics, is resonant with Adem’s biggest, boldest melodies to date.

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Set the mood right in your TV, Film or Advert with some gorgeous compositions from Adem

  1. By Everyone
  2. A Silvering
  3. Surrounded
  4. Small Things
  5. Snow In April
  6. I Would
  7. A Bit Closer Again

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