Americana Folk Jukebox, Vol. II : PGS Sync Sampler

Time to add some new Americana Folk to the mix!

Skip along the spectrum of Americana Folk through pioneers and icons to newcomers and innovators alike…A blend of new, newish & classic old folk, folk rock & Americana with a couple of choice bits thrown into the mix for good measure!

We’ve curated a playlist sampler of the best Americana Folk you can find, this side of the Mississippi in the Plutonic Group Syncs music vault…from quiet acoustic solo records to stomping shout-alongs, focused on community, elements of folk rock, acoustic, from artists exploring vintage musical styles like jangly folk and twangy Americana.

Creative and poignant songwriting, along with masterful musicianship underscore the heart of this genre of music.

This playlist of original compositions straddles the lines between folk and pop; modern rock and indie roots. The Americana Folk sound isn’t just a stylized portrayal of rainy city hipsters in suspenders – there’s a beat to dance to, but there’s also a raw authenticity in the lyrics which gives audiences something more substantial to hold tight.

If you’re looking for a new go-to playlist for road trips, parties with your friends, or for that all-important moment in your TV/Film project or Advert campaign, then you’ve struck gold!

This lively and toe-tapping collection of Americana Folk indie music will keep you clapping, stomping and smiling with tracks from artists/bands like : Helsinki, The Larks, Slow Motion Picture, Laure Briard and Matt Deighton.

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12 Americana + Folk Tracks To Add To Your Media Project

  1. Home
  2. North and South
  3. If You Lose Your Light
  4. Rising Heights
  5. The Rolling Bus
  6. In Memory Of...
  7. Passengers Tonight (Unplugged)
  8. Kids In America [Acoustic Cover]
  9. Closer
  10. Holidays
  11. Keys (feat Emma Gillespie)
  12. Fante's Last Stand

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