Dotted with shimmering synth lines and snappy drum textures, ARCHE creates incredible dreamy music. Their production sets the tone immediately and takes you away from wherever you, into their beautiful world. Their vocal performances guide you through, while the impressive songwriting feels like love to the bones as it displays a high level of musicianship you can enjoy as soon as you hit play, till it’s over and you’re already in the mood to hear it again.

ARCHE’s “My Only” is the perfect display of music to show how creative and innovative Rock music still is. Everything clicks and makes sense musically, to the point you feel like the music is reading your mind, as it does everything that you can wish for in real time to make this record a stellar listen in every way.

ARCHE did not disappoint on their follow-up single, “Back to the Sun.” Beautiful blue sea and golden beaches come to mind when listening to this chilled number by the French quartet. The song is dreamy and delicate with some great harmonies and lush synths that whisk you away to a peaceful place.

We’re only two songs in but it seems very clear that Arche is a band with a clear vision, one that they are executing to perfection.