Árni Vil

Árni Vil

Árni Vil (Árni Vilhjálmsson) is a Gemini and a late bloomer. He spent a carefree decade singing and dancing in the Icelandic breakneck party group FM Belfast, which he co-founded.

Vil completely changed his musical tastes after a period of thorough self-examination. Eventually, the music finally took root and he recorded his first solo project, Slightly Hungry.

Árni Vil : A Change Is Comin’

From the first notes you can hear the influence of American folk, Americana and Alt Country. Árni also skillfully incorporates alternative rock, jazz and chamber pop inspirations into his singer-songwriting work.  This is an album with songs of extraordinary beauty, interesting arrangements, beautiful melodies and fascinating climate.

A wide variety of different musical threads knock the album out of standardized frames. For one thing, he defies stereotypical images of Iceland’s musical climate. Vil incorporates electric guitars, bass and percussion, organ and an extensive range of acoustic instruments in building individual songs. His toolkit also includes a wind and string sections, which give his music its unique character.

As a result, echoes of the 60s and 70s are subtly etched in the rich arrangements of delightful sound ornaments and catchy motifs. The pleasant alternative melodies, enchant and overpower the listener. Vil’s organic and honest vocals adorn the compositions are sometimes melancholic and careless, but always convincing and moving,

Enveloped in an intriguing atmosphere, Vil captured the feeling of nostalgia accompanying the lonely journey of a nameless outsider.

Árni Vil : A New Sound

Ultimately, ” Slightly Hungry ” is a sophisticated and definitely a personal album that sounds damn stylish. Árni Vil has a real talent for writing thrilling songs, which immediately get warmer at heart. In a word – the album impresses. I recommend the offer to those who simply like good, soul-affecting music.

Árni Vil composes in his characteristic, alternative singer-songwriting style. Slightly careless vocal mannerisms, sometimes reminiscent of Thurston Moore and slightly distorted guitars, create the American slacker sound. Safe to say, Slightly Hungry is rather special, thanks to the participation of Vil’s talented Icelandic friends.
Now supported by the dreamlike vocals of Jarþrúður Karlsdóttir and Sóley Tómasdóttir. The impeccable but wild drumming of producer Þórir Bogason, Gylfi Sigurðarson’s hypnotic jew harp and percussions, the bass of Thomas Stanklewicz, and Albert Halldórsson’s soft guitar.
It should go without saying, Árni’s new project is a world away from the ultra upbeat electro-party-pop he composed with his former band.

Árni Vil : Slightly Hungry

Slightly Hungry perfectly captures the atmosphere of the road. The slow tempo, live instruments – guitars, drums, brass section, make the album very honest and natural. It is an album created by a man fascinated by songs of bards and folk-rock.
We waited a long time for Árni Vil‘s album. However, I have the impression that it was worth waiting for the album to take full shape.
Vil described his album with a series of funny advertising slogans, claiming this album as ideal for camping and summer travels. Hard to disagree with him.
So get in your campers. Throw Slightly Hungry into your players. Move ahead and listen to all ten songs in turn … and then repeat.