Inéz and Demian met in Dresden, Eastern Germany. Inéz loves minimalism and the puristic sound of a piano while Demian loves to mess it up. The two opposing forces combined as ÄTNA.

ÄTNA music creates such intimacy when you listen to it through beautifully sung songs and beaten beats enhanced by bright and bizarre electronic sounds.

Their music lives from contrasts. In the duo's melancholic electro-pop, the minimalist beats of drummer Demian meet the intensity of singer Inéz and if you listen to their music it's hard to believe that this mighty sound was crafted by only two musicians.

But the most jaw-dropping aspect remains the distinctive music itself.

ÄTNA unfold an energetic, highly percussive, dark and twisted version of pop that isn't afraid to take risks. Their music is an adventure, to say the least, riding between powerful extremes whether sensual tenderness or raw furiosity.

From dream state to outburst - the abstract beats, playful piano and determined vocal work of Inéz make switching between multiple moods sound effortless. Somewhere between James Blake, Fever Ray, and White Stripes, the two artists have created their own microcosm.

ÄTNA create an artistic stream of an idea and welcome you to get carried away by it.


RIYL: London Grammar, GEMS, Austra, Enya, Björk, Vök