Aurora Dee Raynes

Aurora Dee Raynes

The RnB landscape in the 2010s is rich and expansive. And now, a new generation of musicians, which includes Aurora Dee Raynes, are twisting soul into unheard-of mutations. Indie RnB, by and large, feels more and more like alt-culture’s new normal.

Aurora Dee Raynes : About

Aurora Dee Raynes is first and foremost, a collaboration; Beats/jungle producer Touchy Subject, a firm favourite of Flying Lotus, along with vocalist Danielle Kranendonk. Together they form one gorgeously blissed-out, neo-soul duo.

Their musical journey began in 2012. In a North London kitchen filled with food, wine and Kranendonk’s velvety vocals, the music blossomed in due time. Tracks with abstract titles and extravagantly lush melodies feature throughout the EP – like chillwave meets Quiet Storm soul.

Forming a strong friendship, the pair eventually started making music with a few beats and vocals. Their inspiration? Legendary vocalists Etta James, Erykah Badu, and Jill Scott together with the musical stylings from Robert Glasper to BadBadNotGood.

Aurora Dee Raynes : Sound

The Do What You Do EP from Aurora Dee Raynes will set your sub-woofer on fire! The collaboration of Danielle Kranendonk and Touchy Subject careens straight through both ears before spiraling backwards into the brain. Consequently, hurtling you the listener towards a two and three quarter minute journey into spaces unheralded.

Each track flounces towards the cochlea from different angles. Something akin to a vogue face-off, before colliding into colourful fireworks that sparkle around the room. The jarring, idiosyncratic rhythms and sonics leave the mind twisting and turning in kaleidoscopes of sound.

Think futuristic, resonant, yet with a distinctly unique blend of bass-heavy neo-soul. A sound reminiscent of Timbaland’s seminal work at the turn of the millennium onwards.

Experimental RnB with indie sensibilities — the music from these neo-soul upstarts runs the gamut from dramatic to breezy to off-kilter and they are simply BRILLIANT!