Danish electro-noir outfit, Battlekat used some smart guerrilla marketing to become the talk of the internet. The band had the blog world and fans go crazy trying to dig out any information.

In the beginning they called themselves ‘Just A Number 05272011’. They had nothing more to offer than one track, He Didn’t Want A Love Song, on SoundCloud and a minimalistic DYI video.

Their first show was on May 27 2011. On the very date held within their name, they got up on stage at the Spot Festival in Denmark. They were all like, “Hey, we’re actually called Battlekat”, and everyone was like, “Oh cool”. And then they played some songs and everyone went, “I quite like this, I will clap loudly at the appropriate moments”. Yeah, you do.

Long before that date, many fell for the music of Battlekat.  More than a little reminiscent of the Knife―weird, synthy, feral and slightly disorienting, centered around melancholic Scandinavian electronic beats. The charismatic female lead singer with a voice somewhere between Karin Dreijer Andersson and Robyn drew lots of attention. Despite the electronic touch you can still hear the punk rock past of these Copenhagen musicians.

When the brilliant feline-monikered band decided to call it quits in 2013, seemingly for good, there were plenty of upset fans. People who were really sad that their visceral approach to synthpop was going to vanish.

Batttlekat had a broad musical palette. The way they moved from tortuous electronic ballads to metallic punk synthesizers slowly but surely disarmed the listener.

However, the bands background in rock-punk still lingers on. The result is a metallic and melancholy avant-garde rock that defined the subsequently exciting direction for Scandinavian electro-pop.