Batuk is not a group with a definite sound, but a collective in constant search. This meeting of two hyperactive artists, Spoek Mathambo and Carla Fonseca introduce their riotous take on modern African music to the world.

What Is Kwaito Music?

Their music, inspired by the kwaito, a South African derivative of local house pulling towards hip-hop, thanks to a slower tempo and deep bass.

The genre appeared in Soweto at the time of Mandela’s election. It served as a soundtrack for the emancipation of black township youth. With their hybrid Afro-house sound, Batuk brings kwaito up to date.

The duo, fluid and conscious in their creations, feature Spoek as Mzansi’s Future-Sound pioneer and Carla as a Mozambique-Reiger Park influenced performance potentate; both with Pan African passions.

Sounds of the Diaspora

They cast their net all over the continent and occasionally caught the sounds of the diaspora. It’s electro but it’s also hip-hop but sometimes zouk, and occasionally you can hear the guitars of maskandi.

Melding their talents in their initial releases, they embarked on a new quest with their EP.  The accompanying video entitled ‘MOVE’, introduced us to what “Kasi Royalty” looks and sounds like.

In this femme-tastic visual feast, the Township-Tech twosome evolved into a creative conglomerate. They drew inspiration from many sources, this time with a predominantly female cast and crew

Kasi Royalty

Kasi Royalty is a dedication to the pair’s township roots which influenced who they are. Hailing from Maputo and Jozi, artist and vocalist Manteiga depicts a notably distinctive blend of Mozambican and South African finesse in her music and art. Her alluring vocals, complemented by Spoek Mathambo’s infectious beats.

The album Kasi Royalty presents a stellar mixture of up-tempo house tracks. Worldly ballads, jazzy beats, midtempo/kwaito grooves and laid back flows that will have everyone jamming any time of day.

So here’s royalty according to BatukA monarchy where, through music and dance, everyone becomes king … or queen.