Break. As in “breakbeat.” That ten-second slice of percussive magic in the middle of a funk song. A beat, when looped together by progressive South Bronx DJs in the 1970s, became the basis of the hip-hop movement. That’s Breakestra.

Breakestra is a constantly morphing hip-hop orchestra based in Los Angeles. The collective was born as the result of a vision of multi-instrumentalist, composer, DJ & producer, Miles “Music Man” Tackett in 1997.

Tackett created the ensemble as a live tribute to the 60s/70s funk & soul-jazz music (breaks) sampled in the late 80s/early 90s hip-hop beats.

Tackett aka ‘This Kid named Miles’ spent years making funky jazz hip-hop beats for T Love and other local Los Angeles emcees. where he was exposed to many a great local hip-hop & deeper funk, rare groove DJs.

He formed an eight-piece live ensemble of musicians. Breakestra sets played in the similarly seamless medley style as the original Bronx hip-hop DJs of the pre-sampling 70s. Though now they include more original funky soul-jazz material, as well.

In 2005, their album Hit the Floor, featured members of Jurassic 5 and People Under The Stairs.  Guest performances with GZA, Guru, Raekwon, Digable Planets and De La Soul, pushed the band further into the public eye.

Their debut album and legendary live shows predominantly paid homage to old school breaks n’ beats gone by.  Hit the Floor goes a step further as Breakestra created an album featuring all-original compositions and songs.

As strong as ever, the funk flavor and Tackett, transformed Breakestra from a cover band into one flaunting their own material as the obvious next step.

Breakestra invigorates the breakbeat veteran. They even pave the way for the funkily naïve to embrace the rhythmic revolution that James Brown kicked off more than thirty years ago.