You already know the band Illuminine, but now there is also Illuminine Records, a brand new Belgian label that offers a home for melancholy lo-fi tunes.

The very first release on the new label is Catbug, nom de plume by Paulien Rondou, winner of the Antwerp pop and rock competition 'De Zes' (in collaboration with Trix) released her first single, Kingfisher, and it's a beauty right away.

The single is not only a bedroom but also a farm project, because just like the rest of the tracks for her debut album 'Universe' (out on 23/11) this song was written and recorded on the farm near Antwerp where Rondou lives.

The album became an ode to loneliness, oneness with nature, distant places and desolate mountain landscapes. It is an intimate story told in eleven songs that bathed in the atmosphere of films like 'Old Joy' by Kelly Reichardt and 'Cemetry of Splendor' by Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

Whoever is a fan of DIY indie-lo-fi should look forward to the album of this up & coming Belgian talent.

Let Catbug entangle you in her nets