Chimes & Bells

Chimes & Bells

Ethereal melancholia. Sluggish anti-speed delirium. Warped in a baritone, empyrean wonderland of instrumental, Scandinavian simplicity. The melodic noise rock of ‘Chimes & Bells’ is the perfect association of melancholy and good, solid pop tunes.

Danish Music Wonder

That is Danish-band Chimes & Bells: a twisted liquorish all-sort of ‘Flashy Python’ meets ‘The XX’. An intersection where even the euphemisms dark-chocolate or espresso-black pale in comparison to its pessimistic undercurrent of complete and utter darkness. ‘Interpol’, eat your heart out.

Previously a part of such bands as ‘Le Fiasko’ and ‘Choir Of Young Believers’, Cæcilie Trier is the architect behind Chimes & Bells’. Spearheading vocals, Trier is like an anti-matter Florence Welsh from Florence + The Machine.

The Beginning

Formed in 2008, Chimes & Bells quickly signed to local Copenhagen indie label, Tigerspring.  On the EP, ‘Into Pieces of Wood’, Trier illustrates her ability to combine experimental art-rock with a catchy, almost popped-out choruses.

The four tracks on this EP are not only unremittingly slow, brooding and bleak but also last more than five minutes, all dirge-like in quality.

But there’s an allure to Chimes & Bells. A ghostly glint that illuminates the darkness of their sound world. A sound, best captured in a line they borrow from Leonard Cohen on opener ‘Stand Still’…

There is a crack in everything / That’s how the light gets in.

The Debut Album

Their official, self-titled debut emerged in 2011. Just shy of the forty-minute mark, “Chimes & Bells”  EP, is teasingly short, but nevertheless enjoyable.  Upon discovery, you’ll find a rather filling eight-track listing, without distasteful fillers.

The tracks resemble melodramatic sludge. They ooze and ebb with tidal angst and malevolent undertones; where pace seems underdog to gargantuan displays of exhaustive lethargy.

Cæcilies deep, booming, soulful voice – almost a force of nature in itself – combines with the shuffling, gritty and organic groove of the band. All in all, creating a massive, yet hauntingly beautiful soundscape. centred around layered vocal harmonies, cello, organ, guitar, bass, and drums.

The dominance of Trier on vocals, in tandem with an almost unyielding combination of guitar-percussion duets, manifests throughout the album.

Chimes & Bells on Pause

Trier launched CTM (Cæcilie Trier Music) in 2012. Consequently, she paused her solo project to explore other sides of her musical output.

The music of Chimes & Bells defies formal genre definitions. In terms of genre, they place themselves between noise rock, shoegaze and post-rock in a beautiful and captivating musical universe.