Cosmic Fields

Cosmic Fields

As a band that’s always looking for something new, Cosmic Fields tries not to operate within strict genre boundaries. Three outlanders explore distant horizons, embracing the psychedelic sounds of their ancestors. They merge these sounds with those of today, in order to create melodies in which everyone can relate.

Although they sound as if they were playing in hippie robes in rooms that were decorated with lava lamps and tapestries; Cosmic Fields claims to be a new link between Abstract Pop and Progressive Groove.

After releasing their first album in 2016, the Genevan band delivered with the eclectic “Shangri-La” LP in 2018. They invite the listener to dive into the aquarium of Prog Art Pop, complete with daydreamy thoughts, full of hazy memories.

The band combines their initial psych-rock sound coupled with a sleepy Dream Pop and 8bit chic. Singer and guitarist Albert S. Rivera sings with bedroom view and stars in his eyes. By adding a bass player, the band thus created more space for flying synths.  By the same token, this allowed them to develop a more accomplished groove.

Accompanied by the spirits of Todd Rundgren and Haruomi Hosono, their music took on many forms of 70s experimentation with modern standards. Cosmic Fields aims to let you discover the soundtrack of a submarine and introspective road trip, imagined from an agitated yet soothing end of a lake.

Cosmic Fields send us on a trip with a dose of retro in their veins and LSD leaflets in the ear canal. Gentle, soft and soothing in a fascinating way,  the effect of this brilliant little sound pill.