With the project, D. Lights, an American Electro / Hip-hop group, the French label JARRING EFFECTS wanted to celebrate the hip-hop of Detroit, and take the pulse of the native rappers (Finale, Miz Korona and Intricate Dialect) of the mythical Motortown, by confronting them with the French producers YOGGYONE (Cotton Claw) an Charles Trees

Initiated in 2013 with the project "Cape Town Effects, the Lyon-based label has been sending French artists and technicians abroad to meet their foreign counterparts.

After South Africa project, 2015 marked the second volume of this collection with artists coming this time from Detroit - a city with iconic history, world spearhead of soul and punk, the cradle of techno, fallow city that has (re) built itself.

D-Lights is an international project, transmedia and multidisciplinary that draws its source in music and also addresses social, political, cultural or ethnic issues.