Initiated in 2013 with the project “Cape Town Effects”, the Lyon-based label, Jarring Effects continued to connect French artists with their foreign counterparts on the project, D.Lights.

Through the many collaborations that punctuated its history, Jarring Effects never hesitated when crossing borders.

Faithful to the editorial thread of the collection, the label naturally turned to another city with an emblematic history. Detroit.

Much has been said about Motor City. Its decline and possible rebirth, living conditions, the impact of its music scene on the world. Be that as it may, the city’s still renowned for its musical heritage. Detroit’s recognized as the world spearhead of soul and punk, the cradle of techno.  Equally important, the city’s hip-hop movement supports this artistic renaissance of urban culture.

Above all, Detroit represents values ​​close to those advocated by Jarring Effects; knowing how to recover from crises and develop collective projects.

With the D.Lights project, the French label decided to celebrate hip-hop. Placing rappers native to Detroit alongside French producers. This transatlantic bridge translated into music.

Composed of two beatmakers (French / American), and three Detroit rappers, the collective shines a light on the city and its history.

An international transmedia project, D.Lights draws its source from music while also addressing social, political, cultural and ethnic issues.

Somethings happening in Detroit. A little light in the middle of a lot of darkness. Beyond the media hype, the inhabitants of Detroit slowly rise, seemingly carried by an artistic scene, notably more lively than ever.

Big Hip Hop sounds, growing from experimental to classic.  A monument of the newskool sounds