London two-piece Dextric has a unique pop vision.

The rising partnership – James Fitz-Gibbon (vocals) and Charlie Jordan (instrumentation) – use clipped tones and a restrained palette, crafting something equal parts intoxicating and atmospheric.

The electronic duo have come a long way since creating music in their bedroom. The two young producers were signed to Southern Fried Records, founded by Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim.
The two East London producers have an immediacy in their songwriting and production quality. So much so they caught the ear of Joe Goddard (of Hot Chip & The 2 Bears fame), who produced their debut single ‘What I Say’.

Initial releases conjure visions of Jungle’s debut record or even prime Kitsune. Their unique sound, reminiscent of Chet Faker, Parcels or Hozier’s first record makes Dextric definite ones to watch!

Dextric released their first explosive single of 2019 ‘Wish I Could’, quickly followed by, ‘Sink or Swim’. Dextric’s previous single ‘I Got You’ is an impressive track with funk and electronic tones, making it impossible to ignore.

Equal parts danceable and smooth as butter, expect standout melodies laced with soulful vocals and catchy hooks from each release.

These young producers bang on the zeitgeist, not only musically but also visually. Prolific and self-sufficient creating music from their bedroom and releasing it on their own label.
This is just the beginning for Dextric but already they have made a big impact with this seriously strong debut singles
It’s still early days, but Dextric looks to have something special…