Dr. Rubberfunk

Dr. Rubberfunk

Dr. Rubberfunk – one of the leading figures in pushing the funky side of breaks that we love.

The Doctor (or Simon Ward as family and friends probably know him) ignited the embers within our woofers in 2003. His debut electro/funk/chill crossover album, ‘The First Cut‘ proved to be a priceless twelve-track musical excursion. A stroll into the wonderful realms of raw funk and carefully spliced samples. Consequently, the anticipation for a follow-up was in effect accordingly high.

Simon Ward began DJ’ing under the Dr. Rubberfunk guise in 1992, releasing his debut 12” single in 2001. He subsequently produced three artist albums; ‘The First Cut’ & ‘My Life At 33’ and ‘Hot Stone’, 

One of the nicest guys in the music business, Ward used connections he made traveling the world to work with a host of hot talent on his second album; a real progression from the first with fantastic songs and sublime production.

My Life At 33

The second album, ‘My Life At 33‘ saw Ward further mining his blend of live instrumentation and found sounds. He embraced jazz, soul, blues, gospel, Latin, disco, block party beats, and Hammond-tastic funk into the mix.

My Life At 33‘ has a similar formula to the first album, by way of tightly crafted funky breaks and layered up instruments. These recordings feature some lush guest spots as well, from hip hop to soul and even gospel acts.

Hot Stone

Hot Stone‘ is loaded with catchy lyrics and great soulful performances. But it’s true worth goes even further. Dr. Rubberfunk has a penchant for laying down the funkiest, jazziest tracks this side of New York City.

The 2010 album, ‘Hot Stone,’ showcases a range of quality musicians making quality music. With Brit-soul royalty Roachford, songstress Sitzka, and an array of other talented musicians, the Good Doctor does it again completing a beautifully crafted album of songs and sounds, moods and melodies – a stone-cold aural massage!

The beauty of Dr. Rubberfunk’s 1970s/early-1980s revival is that he’s got the confidence – and the ability – to truly go for it. He doesn’t need to stir in too many modernisms. As a result, we get something as gloriously and as stupidly in your face as almost anything from those bygone days of funk.

A mainstay of the independent funk, soul and blues scene – Dr. Rubberfunk’s home-grown, honestly composed, and intricately produced recordings, combined with a hands-on approach both in front of and behind the mixing desk has, by and large, earned him a well-deserved reputation for being a name synonymous with quality.

To sum up, Dr. Rubberfunk’s prescription of feel-good jazz-funk workouts and his amiably upbeat vibe has the ability to appeal across the board.