Emma Gillespie

Emma Gillespie

The artist formerly known as Emma’s Imagination has reinvented herself - Emma Gillespie is clearly a seasoned musician, still growing and changing, but still making her own brand of delicate and sombre alternative rock.

A seasoned performer for over a decade, alt-pop singer/songwriter Emma Gillespie (born 1983) first started developing a passion for music at an early age. She taught herself guitar and piano, and began writing her own acoustic material which she performed at various open-mic nights to hone her craft, while holding down a never-ending stream of unique jobs in and around her home in Scotland.

With two Top 10 singles and a Top 20 album following a winning performance at Wembley Arena for Sky One’s ‘Must Be the Music’, the 2016 album “Pier Siamese” does not disappoint and beautifully shows the natural refining and development of a truly talented songwriter which only comes with experience, dedication and a passion for creating.

Haunting vocals and darker brooding lyrics make listening to this album a journey you will want to take again and again.