Emma Gillespie

Emma Gillespie

The artist formerly known as Emma’s Imagination has reinvented herself. Emma Gillespie is clearly a seasoned musician, still growing and changing. But still making her own brand of delicate and sombre alternative rock.

A seasoned performer for over a decade, alt-pop singer/songwriter developed a passion for music from early on; even teaching herself guitar and piano. Gillespie began writing her own acoustic material which she performed at various open-mic nights to hone her craft.

Best known for winning Sky One’s “Must Be The Music” in 2011, Emma Gillespie signed with Universal Records. From there, she went on to achieve 2 top 10 singles and a top 14 album.

After traveling to New York, she regularly indulged in jamming sessions with local artists. In this instant, she decided to pursue a career in music. Following her return to the U.K., Gillespie moved to Glasgow. She built up a small fan base busking in the city’s streets.

The former busker was on Gary Barlow’s Future Records until the Take That star took the decision to close it down in 2012.

She returned to Glasgow to start her own label. She’s since self-released 2 EP’s and a follow-up album; the results of a four-month road trip from New York across Arizona to California.

The 2016 album “Pier Siamese” does not disappoint and beautifully shows the natural refining and development of a truly talented songwriter which only comes with experience, dedication and a passion for creating.

Haunting vocals and darker brooding lyrics make listening to this album a journey you will want to take again and again.