It's not often that drummers get to take centre stage. Even though they provide one of the most important elements -- the beat -- to a good song, it's rare that they get to shine the spotlight on themselves. Unless you're Jamire Williams, that is.

ERIMAJ is the creation of Harlem-based musician Jamire Williams, one of the most exciting drummers on the music scene today alongside Chris “Daddy” Dave or Justin Brown – a drummer who sounds like Blakey & Roach but winds up with Dilla & DJ Screw.

Originally from Houston, Jamire has been snatched up by a bunch of influential cats such as Robert Glasper, Christian Scott, Jason Moran or the Doctor Lonnie Smith.

Released in 2012, the reissued ERIMAJ's Conflict of a Man album sounds as fresh as when it came out. The group's eponymous lead single brought attention to its futuristic, soulful vibe. Both critics and bloggers called the group ‘next generation of jazz.'

If you’ve heard much of Frank Ocean, the laconically ruminative singer who’s trying to teach R&B fans how to see deeper into their own hearts by staring at their shoes, then you’re already on your way toward figuring out what ERIMAJ is all about.