Evangelist (Toydrum)

Evangelist (Toydrum)

This, the debut, and sadly only album from Evangelist (Gavin Clark, allied to Pablo Clements and James Griffin of Toydrum and UNKLE) is one of 2015's best albums, hands down!

Evangelist; a sort of concept album loosely based on Clark’s own life, was in production when he was cruelly taken from us in early 2015. Once the mourning period was over; collaborators Clements and Griffiths went back into the studio to ensure the album would see the light of day as a memorial to the singer and songwriter - a fitting testament to an overlooked and remarkable talent…

The amalgam of Clark's one-of-a-kind vocal and Toydrum's inventive soundscaping would, under normal circumstances have Evangelist marked out as a modern classic.

It is mystifying and rather sad that Clark’s talent wasn’t more appreciated while he was still with us, but ‘Evangelist’ should ensure that a new audience becomes acquainted with one of the finest songwriters of modern times. It’s a record that will initially and occasionally hurt.  Most of the rest of the time though it will raise the roof and take the listeners’ spirits with it.

Clements and Griffiths have sculpted something truly special out of their final time with their friend and, while too late for all of the numerous lists,

Evangelist‘s greatest sadness lies in the fact that this can never be followed up or expanded upon, but as farewells go it’s a strong-hearted goodbye and one that will last long in the memory.