Fireball F.C.

Fireball F.C.

The story of Fireball FC is that of a band Freaks lit, which, at the end of 2004 decided to reinject colourful pop into the musical landscape, in the image and visions of Syd Barrett with a trendy good Fuzz pedal standby.

Their first album "Jupiter & Beyond Infinite" (released in October 2004), borrowed the reverb voice of Spectorian productions, the naughty side of Wings (mixed with sexual intentions for the Glam key) all covered by the key meddlesque Pink Floyd.

In May 2005 the easy rider of bass Fuzz, Alexis and the leader of fury Edward were quick to find a second wind. A second album is recorded, a "double" way Beatles. The group moved towards the rock cocaine Stones, Faces, Neil Young (with Crazy Horse) or Gainsbourg, without leaving the craziness Doors.

Fireball FC is a nod to contemporary pop by trincamp players to the glory of the good times, a doggie made to Vintage pop, a refined team that will make you scream with pleasure, vibrate, sweat up to fainting as soon as their orange tight sweaters begin the song of supporters of the Thirty Glorious.

RIYL: Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Rolling Stones, Monkees, The Beatles, The Kinks