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Go West


We are proud to represent Call Me by Go West for sync. This is the re-record of their hit single of which the band own the masters.

Go West is an English pop duo, formed in 1982 by lead vocalist Peter Cox and rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist Richard Drummie. The outfit enjoyed their peak of popularity between the mid-1980s and the early 1990s and are best known for the international Top 10 hits,“We Close Our Eyes“, “Call Me” and “King of Wishful Thinking“...

Without a doubt, their biggest song to date was 'King of Wishful Thinking' - which featured prominently on the soundtrack for the 90s film, "Pretty Woman".

In the film, the song plays over the opening credits, and the main characters are repeatedly referenced in the song's music video.

Despite being more than 30 years old, the song still maintains a cult following, with Jimmy Fallon recreating the music video alongside Paul Rudd in February 2018.

The band’s eponymous debut album was released in 1985. It included “We Close Our Eyes” and “Call Me” as well as “Don’t Look Down“, which served as the prequel to what would be the band’s first Top 40 hit in the US. The album itself was not only successful in the UK but also moderately so in the US. Bangs and Crashes, an album of remixes,  b-sides and live tracks, was released in 1986, and included the track “One Way Street” which was part of the Rocky IV soundtrack.

“We Close Our Eyes” reached #5 on the UK Singles Chart, #5 on the US Dance Club Play Chart and #41 on the Billboard Hot 100. The video for the song became an early favourite on MTV. Go West were voted the “Best Newcomers” at the 1986 Brit Awards. The song was part of the soundtrack for the Italian low-budget horror film Dèmoni, also known as Demons. The single would prove to be their highest placed UK single, and only appearance in the UK Top Ten.