“New Queen of Hip-Hop Soul”,  Rising British artist Harleighblu has a voice that drips with a tone of luxury.

Her drive and passion for creative exploration propelled the Nottingham-native through the local scene. Consequently, she’s developed into one of the UK’s most promising young artist!

She describes her music as Hip Hop RnB with raw Soul and a bit of Electro… to put it differently, we’ll call it ‘Old-School Future’!

Harlieghblu mastered the knack of writing songs that sound decades old, brought bang up to date with a modern, almost Hip-Hop twist. Her tracks are packed with jazzy grooves. The slurred vocals, smokey sweet in their delivery.

If you close your eyes – she could fool you into believing you’re listening to a contemporary of Billie and Nina.

Her signature sound matured into a frank, self-possessed voice. bringing us honest, feminine, yet unrepentant lyrical touches.

In 2019, Harleighblu and German beatsmith, Bluestaeb released their collaborative project “She”. The album contains 13 tracks including the previously released singles “Cake”, “Present” and “Queeen Dem”.

After meeting each other back in 2016, the duo spent three years working on this neo-soul masterpiece. Bluestaeb’s organic boombap beats and Harleighblu’s strong signature vocals create a unique sound. Together they fuse old school aesthetics with new school attitude. As a result, each piece perfectly bridges the gab between hip hop and RnB.

Harleigblu’s frank, self-possessed voice pulls no punches and makes no apologies. Combining a classic soul vibe with bass and eclectic future beats, each release is a revelation.

The Nottingham native wants to cast her net wide, expanding the neo-soul and R&B template until it shatters into a million pieces.” – CLASH Magazine