I Me Mine

I Me Mine

You would think they came straight from the 60s and yet these young Toulousains are not yet thirty. Fred, Sam and Guillaume all form the band, I Me Mine, a name inspired by a Beatles song.

The three lads offer you precious minutes of timeless travel aboard their melodic rollercoaster! A hybrid universe of electrically irresistible, psychedelic sounds.

With their self-titled eponymous album, the Toulousains came out hard! As an illustration, instead of delivering psyche rock, devoid of any interest, or a pale copy of influences, the band presented a magnificent tour de force. A musical force cradled with invigorating and inventive arrangements and sounds. 

I Mine Me returned with “Ellipsis” (2018), featuring ten extravagantly ’60s-esque pop songs.

Ellipsis sounds like a Sofia Coppola movie soundtrack. It’s as if Supertramp, and Electric Light Orchestra copulated with Queen and the Beatles.
But all of these influences are digested – not copied. For the most part, it sounds like authentic sixties pop; with a lead male vocal, licked melodies, remarkable arrangements, to say nothing of those gorgeous backing harmonies.
To enumerate, just listen to the invigorating, syncopated introduction called “Here Comes The Man“. The two part, joyous anthem bookends the album. Gently psychedelic, it’s a perfect collision between the different musical eras. Think of a modern Alan Parsons Project, less words, more harmony.
So, yes, we can read-up on everything about I Me Mine. Or we can just close our eyes, shut up and listen. Simply allow the imprint of this force of musical nature pass through our veins and neurons, and enjoy ecstasy.
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