Idris Elba

Idris Elba

'Murdah Loves John' is the second in a series of character albums to emerge from the mind of Idris Elba. Inspired by his time portraying TV detective John Luther, Idris presents a unique musical interpretation of the sinister themes and settings explored in the series

Working with his studio partner Fred Cox who programmed the album, Idris brought together a razor-sharp ensemble of new and established musicians to bring his vision to life. Tom Meighan (Kasabian), Wretch 32 & Shakka appear alongside outstanding newcomers Tanika & Fabienne across eight brand new tracks.

Idris' first passion has always been music and DJing. In all the acting projects he's been involved in throughout his career Idris has sought to play a role in the musical direction and creation of the soundtrack. John Luther - a far from straightforward, London based cop - is a character Idris identifies with strongly and had a clear and inspired musical vision for. "The idea was to tackle musically what John Luther's like", says Idris. "Who he is, where he comes from, what it's like to be a detective, what love is like, what murder is like...we wanted to make a version of Luther musically and capture the soundscapes and industrialness of the show onto an album."

With incredible collaborative efforts from each of the artists, 'Murdah Loves John' successfully embodies Idris' distinct and creative sense for what John Luther's world sounds like. What it achieves is something very different from a standard soundtrack. This album comes from the mind of Luther, London and of murdah.