When Guillaume de Chirac ended the progressive experience of The Midsaventures of 2004 it was to mount the solo project, 'Landscape', the indie brainchild of the French composer.

After modelling and composing at home, he surrounded himself with the rhythm section of Overhead to give life to his works as evidenced by the second album and its fifteen guests: Benoit Guivarc'h of Carpgroup , Nicolas Leroux of Overhead , Syd Matters  or Armand Méliès on "L'Heure d 'à Côté ' the only title sung in French of the album that bears his name: «With A Little Help From My Friend.

Atmospheric group par excellence, Landscape also knows how to broaden its horizons - between silence and dynamics, clouds and clearings, the tracks navigate on a rainbow of colour evoking, in turn, Midlake, Randy Newman or even Pulp. Sometimes bravely venturing on the land of Radiohead, specifically those of Kid A. 

Creating a minimalist atmosphere, the melodies that flow from the Landscape albums are imbued with remarkable cinematic power, privileging the atmospheres and the impressionistic ambiences, building with the liking of pop songs dishevelled or slower and soothed, a sort of moving landscape, meticulously detailed with guitars, wooden or not, piano, Fender Rhodes and other keyboards.

Together with guitarist Steffen Charron, bass player Richard Cousin and drummer Cyril Tronchet, De Chirac knows how to present a particular musical concept that captivates from the first to the last purifying drone.